Applied Energetics (AE) and Westpark Advisors Enter into Business Development Agreement

Strategic focus on sales and marketing of 2nd Generation Banshee Counter-IED Technology, Laser Guided Energy, and Long Range Pulsed and Ultra Short Pulsed 1micron to Mid-IR AE Novel Laser Technology

Tucson, AZ., July 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Applied Energetics, Inc. (OTCQB: AERG),  today announced it has entered into a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with Washington, DC based, Westpark Advisors. Westpark is retained to assist AE in launching its comprehensive sales and marketing strategy for the greater Washington DC area and broader DoD markets.

Westpark Advisors will be focusing on AE 2nd generation Banshee Counter-IED technologies, Laser Guided Energy and novel AE laser technologies. Westpark Advisors will provide business development, program management and strategy consulting services, including sales and marketing of the AE product line. Their expansive network and knowledge of the DoD market space will prove valuable in relaunching AE’s brand, products, and capabilities. Managing Director, Patrick Williams will serve as Westpark’s account lead and provide full-time support to AE.

Patrick is a proven executive management consultant and is familiar with the latest generation defense technology. He has assisted numerous organizations in achieving tens (10) of millions of dollars of targeted revenue growth through well executed sales strategies in the DoD market space. Additionally, Patrick has direct experience supporting government agencies previously engaged with AE, such as the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). As part of its routine course of business, Applied Energetics recently reached out to former AE Banshee Counter-IED customers and received a great deal of interest in the 2nd Generation Banshee Joint IED Neutralizer technology (JIN). AE has also reached out to defense organizations outside of the United States that desired to purchase Banshee in the past but could not receive export licenses. Patrick has worked with most of these contacts in the past and will coordinate with these organizations concerning solutions to their specific needs going forward. As a matter of reference, first generation Banshee’s went from concept to field test in less than seven (7) months. This makes Banshee a prime example of a product ready for LRIP (Low Rate Initial Production).

“We are very excited to add Patrick and Westpark Advisors to the AE team. As promised to our shareholders in May, AE leadership is committed to a swift reintroduction of AE’s brand and capabilities to the DoD. Teaming with Westpark Advisors provides us with a full-time connection to our key stakeholders, clients, and partners. We anticipate this to be one of many impactful relationships we will structure to immediately establish a market and brand presence within Washington DC.” – Brad Adamczyk

More About Patrick Williams

Patrick, managing partner of Westpark Advisors, is a former US Army Captain and combat veteran. He will spend the majority of his time on AE’s business development/sales activities. Patrick is well versed in leading and collaborating across the business development spectrum from opportunity mining, pipeline development, capture, and proposal development to the delivery of complex solutions. Patrick has a long history of selling solutions into the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and DoD organizations, such as; JIEDDO, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Army and Joint Program Executive Offices, Service and Joint Staff organizations, Office of the  Secretary of Defense (OSD), and geographic and functional Combatant Commands.  

"Patrick is a business development expert in our target markets and has a hands-on, deep understanding of the Department of Defense advanced technology domain that our Directed Energy (DE) clients are seeking," said Tom Dearmin, CEO of Applied Energetics. "As the pace of DE weapon demand increases, Patrick will enable us to position our product line with Joint and Service organizations seeking to implement our military’s emerging DE priorities."

Patrick joins the AE team after spending the previous 13 years leading and supporting the development and growth of numerous multi-million dollar accounts at world-class organizations delivering solutions in the national security market.

Banshee C-IED Technology Counter-IED Joint IED Neutralizer (JIN) technology is wholly owned by AE and has in the past been actively deployed in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Our Banshee units demonstrated incredible success, supporting 211 convoy missions, traveling more than 15,000 miles in support of convoy operations, and achieving 1589 hours of operation, with zero incidents involving convoy vehicles following the route cleared by our Banshee system. Our Banshee deployment represents an extremely rapid, innovative, and successfully engineered weapon development program by our advanced engineering team in response to DoD urgent operational needs.

About Applied Energetics and Laser Guided Energy

AE Laser Guided Energy (LGE) is a privately funded transformational Directed Energy technology. AE owns all LGE Directed Energy intellectual property rights, including those with DoD utility, as such, LGE is a unique and rare ownership situation of a multi-dimensional Directed Energy weapon technology that leverages over $100 million in R&D funding. This includes 25 patents and an additional 11 patents under secrecy orders from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Historically, there have been two key types of Directed Energy weapon technologies. 1) High Energy CW Lasers; which use photons as the damaging mechanism, this requires extended target acquisition times as the photons must burn through the target.  2) High Power Microwave; which uses Radio Frequency (RF) energy to create an effect, this has a limited operational environment, and neither of these technologies are owned by any one entity.

AE owns the third, 3) Laser Guided Energy (LGE); LGE uses specialized lasers to create a “guiding channel” in the atmosphere. A high voltage power source is connected to the channel, and then an operator-chosen specially shaped electrical discharge propagates down the channel to an extended range. The electrical discharge hits the target and delivers instantaneous effects.  In contrast to High Power Laser (HPL) and High-Power Microwave (HPM), LGE uses electrons that deliver the damaging effects at the target. This allows for extremely high peak power, low average power systems that are compact and cost much less than traditional continuous wave laser weapons or microwave DE systems.

Westpark Advisors, in conjunction with our Scientific Advisory Group (SAG), are also engaged with potential funding agencies that represent the areas of advanced LGE and Picosecond to Femtosecond 1 micron to mid-IR laser technology, all of which are novel to AE.

In summary, Applied Energetics LGE is fundamentally different, with electronically tunable weapon effects created at the target. Additionally, it represents a new weapon technology that is “Fundamentally Owned” by a single developer. This is both unusual and represents a “Generational Opportunity” in a rapidly evolving advanced technology of the future.


Thomas C. Dearmin

Thomas C. Dearmin
CEO of Applied Energetics, Inc.


Applied Energetics, Inc., based in Tucson, Arizona, specializes in development and manufacture of advanced high-performance lasers, high voltage electronics, advanced optical systems, and integrated guided energy systems for defense, aerospace, industrial, and scientific customers worldwide. Applied Energetics pioneered and holds all intellectual property rights to the development and use of Laser Guided Energy (LGE™) technology, and related solutions for commercial, defense and security applications.


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