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C-Suite TV’s Executive Perspectives Live’s new episode features executives from the manufacturing, staffing, legal, and supply chain industries and how they’re navigating the changes affecting the packaging industry

NEW YORK, July 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a release issued under the same headline earlier today by C-Suite TV please note that in the first paragraph of the release, some titles and company names were listed incorrectly. The corrected release follows:

Executive Perspectives Live, one of the top online business shows on C-Suite TV, is adding a new episode to its lineup, featuring Tom Landry, President and Co-Founder, Allegiance Staffing, Eric Greenberg, Principal Attorney, Eric F. Greenberg, P.C. and General Counsel, Contract Packaging Association, Jason Tham, CEO, Nulogy and Nikki Johnson, Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Kala, from the CPA Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  

Host Jeffrey Hayzlett sat down with executives in the contract packaging industry to talk about how it’s imperative companies adapt to all the changes taking place, learn to roll with the punches or die by going out of business. Everyone is striving to meet customers’ demands. For example, the staffing industry’s biggest ‘adapt’ moment comes in getting customers to change their thought process and reaction time. The purpose of the staffing industry is to allow companies to be more flexible – top to bottom, and keep their workforce according to flow and demand. The challenge is to get clients to see the importance of using temporary workers and understand their value. In this industry, Landry says, “Labor is the variable. If the labor is useful, you make money. If not, you lose money.”

The regulatory industry has seen its fair share of turbulence and legal plays a vital role. Greenberg tells Hayzlett he believes it’s a “little early to tell what the effects will be” regarding regulations with the current administration. Some in the business community feel there has already been a shift into a more “pro-business” climate compared to years past.

Within the contract packaging industry, supply chain hasn’t been immune to change either. Tham says there are two spectrums to the logistics and supply chain component – massive fragmentation, where specialty organizations are busy doing unique things to better serve customers. The other, concentration or consolidation, where the winner takes all. In the spirit of change, Tham adds that we’ll see each of these trends feeding into each other, ending in more companies offering value added contract packaging services.

Everyone agrees that it’s customers, not companies, who are dictating the pace of each sector. Landry adds, “Everything is driven by improvement” and it should always be driven by the mindset to constantly improve. Tham says, “change is not an excuse for pivoting” and that organizations need to have a clear vision and culture for others to follow. Johnson agreed that innovation is what drives change and that “the go to market strategy is around the idea of agility.” In order to transcend and become true leaders, companies need to be more of a service provider and focus on removing barriers, as her company did with traditional packaging.

All episodes of Executive Perspectives Live are hosted by Jeffrey Hayzlett and can be seen throughout the month on C-Suite TV.

Best-selling author, speaker, and former Fortune 100 CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett created C-Suite TV to give top-tier business executives a forum for sharing thought-provoking insights, in-depth business analysis, and their compelling personal narratives. 

“I’ve used the phrase ‘adapt, change or die’ a number of times and no matter how old an industry is or how long a company has been in business, the adage never goes out of style,” Hayzlett said. “In an era where lifetime employees, vendors, and contractors are almost extinct, innovation, agility, and customer demands have become the driving force for success.”

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