Ziyen Inc. CEO, Alastair Caithness Named Chairman of the San Diego Autism Speaks Walk

Chula Vista, California, UNITED STATES

SAN DIEGO, July 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alastair Caithness, Ziyen Inc. CEO was recently named Chairman of the San Diego Autism Speaks Walk that will take place this year on October 21, 2018 at Liberty Station in San Diego.

Mr. Caithness and his wife, Leilani, originally joined the committee for San Diego Autism Speaks walk in 2016 and worked tirelessly to promote the global non-profit organisation when their then 3-year old son was diagnosed with Autism in 2015. The Ziyen CEO was instrumental in key media coverage appearances and awareness for the event leading up to the 2017 walk on September 30th in San Diego.

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The 2017 event drew nearly 4,000 people and Mr. Caithness’ team, the Pigeon Project,  reached their goal and raised $2,500.00 and continues to campaign to raise much-needed funds for the organization that promotes cutting edge research and life-changing therapies and support services for all of those affected by Autism.

“I'm grateful for all the support and services my son, Malakai, receives from all the different service providers and companies in San Diego and the support network Autism Speaks has provided for us and millions of families around the world.

It is so important to not only raise funds but it is also equally important to raise awareness about autism and to promote acceptance and inclusion for those affected by this challenging neurological disorder that now affects more children and adults each year. It is important to identify and diagnose autism at an early age as this will likely improve the life of the child, do not be afraid to seek medical help if you are concerned.

This year I'm proud to be the Chairman of the San Diego Autism Speaks Walk for 2018.  As part of our the company's Corporate Social Responsibility, I will speak at events about promoting understanding of autism spectrum disorders and the importance of inclusion and acceptance.”

Click the link to view Alastair Caithness speaking about Autism Speaks at Ziyen Inc.’s Corporate Social Responsibility Section at US Investors Summit in California on 17th of July 2018
To any family who have a special needs child, friend, or family member, I salute you, as I know how hard you work everyday to help your loved one and how challenging it can be at times.

My family and friends walk in the San Diego Autism Speaks Walk each year to promote Awareness, Understanding and Acceptance for all of those affected by Autism.”

To donate to Autism Speaks, please find information here: Pigeon Project Team

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