European CEO magazine examines the value of apprenticeships, the rise of extreme wealth in Eastern Europe and more

LONDON, July 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The trend of attending university has almost become a default across Europe, but for many people it represents a lost opportunity as well as a waste of time, money, government resources and academic support.

With France’s well-intentioned baccalauréat system under increasing pressure as more and more students flow into its universities, while taking longer to graduate, it’s becoming clear that degrees are not for everyone. Elizabeth Matsangou investigates whether Germany’s highly developed and unique apprenticeship model is a better way forward in the latest edition of European CEO magazine.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Courtney Goldsmith examines the rise in the number of ultra-wealthy individuals that call Eastern Europe home. With signs that entrepreneurial spirit in the region is growing every year – especially in start-up hubs like Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic – could successful new ventures continue to sprout more millionaires and billionaires in the decades to come?

Meanwhile, Barclay Ballard breaks down a new business buzzword that is making the rounds: gamification. As businesses struggle with workplace engagement, they are increasingly looking at how to use game mechanics to boost productivity and allow employees to have fun at work. However, while leaderboards, points and other rewards could incentivise performance, they also risk stifling creativity. Those that jump on the bandwagon without doing their research risk game over.

Topics covered in other features in the summer issue of European CEO include Emmanuel Macron’s drive to revitalise France’s investment climate, a look into the vast wealth of cryptocurrency millionaires and the rise of luxury goods rentals. Elsewhere, features examine why companies should make their values known to the public, and the ‘pressure cooker’ of Japan’s labour market, where working to death is so common it has its own name: karoshi.

To discover all this and more, pick up the latest copy of European CEO magazine, available in print, on tablet and online now.

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