Digital Arts Media Network Supports Client-Companies Through Equity Crowdfunding Investments

WorkDone’s Crowdfunding Campaign Receives Capital Infusion from Public Accelerator Incubator firm Digital Arts Media Network, n/k/a Digital Asset Monetary Network

Bronx, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, July 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Arts Media Network, Inc.  (OTCMKTS: DATI), n/k/a Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc (pending clearance from FINRA), a specialized tech accelerator leveraging the Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model, announced today that DATI has invested in WorkDone Inc.’s crowdfunding campaign, as part of its commitment to support Client-Companies in meeting their capital needs. 

Ajene Watson, CEO of DATI said, “truCrowd is one of the most highly rated crowdfunding portals in the industry according to Venture Beat.  DATI assists by supporting those qualifying issuers who have become clients, by providing ongoing financial support and investment capital.  Startup entrepreneurs now know that through truCrowd, they could potentially receive the resources so desperately needed for young companies to grow and for businesspersons to maintain control of their company, during the early stages of their crowdfunding effort.”

Earlier in June, DATI announced facilitating the onboarding process for the Artificial Intelligence Digital Workforce Platform Developer, WorkDone Inc. – now a ‘Client-Company’ of DATI – onto the equity crowdfunding platform (owned and operated by TruCrowd, Inc.). DATI accomplished this by funding the financial, legal, and marketing support along with the initial cost of WorkDone Inc.’s crowdfunding marketing campaign.  Digital Asset Monetary Network is furthering this support by financially contributing to WorkDone’s Reg. CF offering, committing up to 10% of the maximum amount eligible to be raised through an equity crowdfunding campaign.  Over 20% of that has been invested into WorkDone by the Company.

In exchange for the investment the Company makes into WorkDone, through the Reg. CF offering, Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc. may receive future equity in WorkDone Inc., along with any other benefits provided by the Reg. CF offering. The value of DATI’s equity ownership in WorkDone is “ultimately passed on to the Company’s shareholders,” Watson stated.

Watson concluded, “As an equity stakeholder in truCrowd, it behooves us to make sure that every Client-Company of DATI does well.  Our intent is to create opportunities for success, along with synergies between startups, everyday people, and angel investors, by continuing to support and financially back the growth of those innovative startup companies leveraging the crowdfunding portals within our ecosystem; ultimately building the asset value of DATI’s portfolio.”

**NOTE** While the Company’s name change is effective with the state, it is still pending clearance from FINRA.  The Company’s CUSIP and stock ticker symbol (OTCMKTS:DATI) are, and intended to, remain the same.  Nearly all logos, social media platforms and corporate websites will be adjusted to reflect the name change within 3 to 5 business days from FINRA’s clearance.

ABOUT Digital Arts Media Network, Inc.
, n/k/a Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc.
Digital Arts Media Network, Inc.  (OTCMKTS: DATI), n/k/a Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc (pending clearance from FINRA) is the first company to utilize the Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model, with the intent to follow the global success of accelerators and incubators around the world, adding niche opportunities to both the microcap and startup communities. As a PAI, DATI will develop and acquire innovations that solve problems through digital platforms and other electronic applications.


About WorkDone, Inc.
WorkDone, Inc. “AI With A Conscience”, enables organizations to seamlessly automate business processes between major SaaS platforms (Office 365, Salesforce, NetSuite, etc.) with no user training or programming required.   Their patent-pending technology, Expertise Capture, uses machine learning to train WorkDone Agents to complete repetitive back office tasks so humans can do higher value work.  WorkDone Agents interoperate to create systems of intelligence that preserve the corporate memory so that no institutional knowledge is lost when an employee retires or leaves the company.


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Located in the heart of the financial district of downtown Chicago, truCrowd is a FINRA member equity crowdfunding portal operating under Regulation Crowdfunding (Title III of JOBS ACT); connecting startups and emerging businesses with non-accredited and accredited investors. Built on the belief that not all businesses and investors are alike, we pride ourselves on delivering a personalized and professional funding experience through industry-leading technology.


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