Kaminario Expands Open Hardware Strategy for NVMe-based K2.N Storage Architecture

Kaminario to demo expanded certified hardware stack for K2.N platform at Flash Memory Summit, booth #655

NEEDHAM, Mass., Aug. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kaminario, a leading cloud storage software company, is expanding its certified hardware stack for the NVMe-based K2.N storage platform.  K2.N is powered by Kaminario’s unique composable storage platform and leverages a fully-converged NVMe / NVMeF hardware stack comprised of industry-leading hardware solutions. Kaminario and its hardware partners are delivering the next generation of cloud-scale storage solutions that provide the highest levels of performance, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.  

“Kaminario’s software-focused composable storage platform is designed to leverage best-in class hardware solutions, while giving customers the flexibility to align datacenter infrastructures to their own hardware strategies,” said Eyal David, CTO, Kaminario. “Our certified hardware strategy delivers flexibility while ensuring the enterprise-class capability world-class datacenter operators need.”

Kaminario to Demo at Flash Memory Summit
The company will be demonstrating Kaminario K2.N implementations, leveraging hardware from partners including AIC, Celestica, Mellanox, Seagate and Supermicro at Flash Memory Summit, booth 655, Aug. 7-9 at Santa Clara, CA.

Supporting Quotes:

“We at AIC are striving to be at the forefront of the NVMe movement and to bring performance and high-availability to our customers,” said Kit Chui, vice president, sales, AIC. “Collaborating with Kaminario gives us the opportunity to highlight the HA202-PH, which delivers end-to-end data protection by eliminating single points of failure.”

“Celestica is passionate about solving complex technology challenges to help our customers succeed in rapidly evolving markets,” said David Autrey, vice president, sales, Celestica.  “We are proud to support market leaders like Kaminario with our fully-converged NVMe and NVMe-oF solutions, helping them push the boundaries of innovation in the fast-paced solid-state array market.”  

“At Mellanox, we’re focused on creating intelligent interconnect solutions for shaping the future of the data center,” said John Kim, director, storage marketing, Mellanox Technologies. “We see strategic value in furthering our mission by working with Kaminario to help bring their vision of high performance NVMe-oF data management to reality.”

“Supermicro is a first-to-market leader in developing all-flash NVMe server and storage systems that deliver up to six times higher throughput and seven times faster latency,” said Michael McNerney, vice president, marketing and solutions, Supermicro. “Our unique WIO SuperServers provide the performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency and NVMe storage support required to help Kaminario deliver its next-generation cloud-scale storage solutions.”

About Kaminario
Kaminario is making the autonomous datacenter a reality, letting customers stay focused on scaling their business. Kaminario’s composable data platform delivers the agility, scalability, performance, and economics that global organizations demand to stay competitive in a cloud-first world. Real-time analytics, datacenter automation, and assured data access let our customers power their mission critical applications and safeguard their digital ecosystem.  Headquartered outside of Boston, Kaminario works with an extensive network of resellers and distributors, globally. For more information, please visit www.kaminario.com.

Parna Sarkar-Basu