Seventh Sense Brings Email Send Time and Frequency Personalization to the Marketo® Innovate Partner Ecosystem

Arlington, Virginia

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seventh Sense, an Arlington, Virginia based provider of email analytics and send time optimization, has joined the Marketo Innovate partner ecosystem. The partnership will empower users of the Marketo Engagement PlatformTM to optimize the performance of their email outreach by personalizing delivery times and segmenting their lists based on user engagement level.

By analyzing existing interaction data in Marketo, Seventh Sense builds profiles on each person, identifying their top engagement times, by time of day, day of week, and level of brand fatigue. Whether you’re sending one or 1 million emails at a time, with Seventh Sense, each email is automatically sent at the optimal time and frequency for each person.

"With our product, marketers and salespeople can finally stop asking when is the best time to send email and let data drive engagement," said Mike Donnelly, CEO and Co-Founder of Seventh Sense. "Our customers see deliverability go up and unsubscribes go down. Open, click-through, and conversion rates increase improving the overall ROI."

"We are thrilled to welcome Seventh Sense to the Marketo Innovate partner program," said Shai Alfandary, vice president, global head of ISVs & LaunchPoint® ecosystem, Marketo. "The data and automation that Seventh Sense brings to the Marketo Engagement Platform will enable sales and marketing teams to better understand and communicate with their customers."

About Seventh Sense
Seventh Sense is a sales and marketing software system that has pioneered a new approach to the sales and marketing process: "The Time Optimized Sales Model." Sales and marketing professionals generate data about their prospective and existing customers every day. We empower our users to analyze that data to increase sales, increase marketing engagement and brand awareness, minimize bad customer experiences and lost revenue caused by sales personnel attrition, and improve efficiency and overall morale.

Mike Donnelly
Seventh Sense