Everest Empowers All of Humanity to Join the Global Digital Economy

Blockchain-based value transfer and identity platform adds billions of people to the global economy through biometric multi-currency cloud wallets

San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everest, a decentralized value transfer and biometric wallet platform, unveiled today its fully integrated Everest-branded solution designed to enable anyone in the world to join the global, digital economy. Banks, governments, financial services providers, NGOs and other large organizations struggle to deliver services to the nearly 5 billion people who do not have a smartphone and the 2.6 billion people without a bank account. Everest uses a combination of a multi-currency wallet available in the cloud and on-device, a fast and cost-effective payment chain, and digital biometric identity to deliver an infrastructure that empowers organizations and individuals to access the global, digital economy.

With funding from Mistletoe, Archer Blockchain, The Crypto Company and others, Everest is focusing on Asian, Latin American and African markets. “Everest is leveraging the power, transparency, and security of the blockchain to fuse the dormant $20 trillion-dollar emerging market economy with mainstream economic processes and institutions,” said Bob Reid, co-founder and CEO of Everest. “By empowering and incentivizing users with a 'stable coin', Everest can become the de facto standard protocol for emerging economies.”

Everest’s platform is built and being trialed by some of the largest banks, governments, financial service providers and NGOs on the planet. Its three complementary and interconnected solutions enable large organizations to profitably reach billions of the unbanked, reduce fraud and leakage, and verify funds are delivered to the right people, allowing users to remit funds from anywhere in the world:

  1. EverWallet, a digital wallet that enables the storage of multiple currencies, identity data and documents.
  2. EverChain, a massively scalable, cost-effective layer 2 transaction chain that enables value-transfer between parties.
  3. EverID, a device-free, digital identity platform, EverID is solving the global identity crisis by enabling anyone to prove their identity.

“The infrastructure and protocol nature of the Everest platform is incredibly exciting,” said Atsushi Taira, Managing Director of Mistletoe Singapore. “We are seeing land, health records, farming, insurance, and remittance application developers leverage the Everest platform, while simultaneously empowering the economically challenged with a user-owned identity. We agree with Everest that digital identity is a basic human right.”

Everest is the management company of EverWallet, EverChain and EverID. Everest was founded in 2016 by Bob Reid and Brad Witteman to elevate all of humanity into the global market. For more information, visit www.everest.org.

About Everest
Everest is an economic and value transfer platform, anchored in biometric identity, which is the world’s only device-free, globally accessible, self-sovereign digital wallet and payment solution. By leveraging blockchain and distributed storage technologies, Everest empowers banks, governments, NGOs, hospitals, businesses and other institutions to transparently and effectively exchange value with those hard to reach users, especially the 5 billion users without smartphones, all while giving users the most control and privacy in the market. App developers leverage Everest’s platform for services like remittances, micro-finance, micro-insurance, payroll, cash transfer, KYC/AML, land, medical records, etc. For more information, visit www.everest.org.

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