ENACOMM and Alcor Consulting to Work Together and Bring Data-Driven Phone and Digital Assistant Banking to Financial Institutions

Alcor Consulting to help banks and credit unions transform customer self-service through artificial intelligence and big data

TULSA, OK, Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Artificial intelligence, big data and new user interfaces are enabling banks and credit unions to affordably modernize the self-service experience they create for customers and members. ENACOMM, Inc., a top provider of intelligent interactions and customer authentication technologies for banks, credit unions and credit card companies, just announced a partnership with Alcor Consulting, Inc., a provider of VoIP related products and services, as well as general IT consulting and software development. Through the reseller agreement, financial institutions will be equipped with VPA (Virtual Personal Assistant) banking and the ENACOMM Financial Suite (EFS), which includes a hosted, dynamic interactive voice response (IVR) system for personalized customer interactions.

“The next phase in the evolution of customer-facing technologies for financial institutions is here in the form of conversational banking – and the best part is that the technology is now accessible to organizations of all sizes,” said ENACOMM CEO Michael Boukadakis. “As a leading ‘one-stop shop’ for contact center needs, Alcor Consulting is the perfect partner to help integrate ENACOMM’s AI-based voice banking into the customer service experience provided by banks and credit unions.”  

Utilizing artificial intelligence, VPA is ENACOMM’s conversational banking solution for financial institutions’ self-service users that works with popular Virtual Personal Assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Using ENACOMM’s hosted systems, a properly authenticated user can confidently conduct secure bank transactions and gain virtually full access to their financial accounts – with the sound of their voice.

The ENACOMM Financial Suite provides a range of software tools, from powerful voice biometrics to customer relationship management (CRM), as well as added levels of security. ENACOMM’s data-powered IVR solution uses customer intelligence to efficiently direct calls, personalization to help retain customers, and context preservation to provide fast, superior self-service. 

“Alcor Consulting keeps its finger on the pulse of customer interaction technologies, so we can continually empower our clients to deliver an industry-leading customer service experience,” explained David Spore, President of Alcor Consulting, Inc. “Consumers are ready for conversational banking, and ENACOMM’s secure and convenient solution allows financial institutions not counted among the megabanks to offer technology-enhanced customer interactions that rival those presented by the biggest players.”

For more information on VPA banking and the ENACOMM Financial Suite, go to www.enacomm.net.


ENACOMM is a FinTech provider of intelligent interactions and customer authentication technologies for banks, credit unions, credit card and payments companies. ENACOMM empowers financial institutions with affordable solutions for improving the customer experience (CX), fighting financial fraud, and increasing operational efficiency. A frontrunner in self-service technologies including interactive voice response (IVR) for over three decades, ENACOMM solutions are delivered as hosted services or on-demand through the “cloud.” The company’s customer base ranges from community credit unions and community banks to the largest financial institutions in the United States. Utilizing web, mobile, SMS texts, email, voice, chatbots and other communication technology channels including digital voice assistants, ENACOMM harnesses artificial intelligence, big data, voice biometrics and more to help organizations provide customers with a superior, omnichannel self-service experience that includes Conversational Banking. ENACOMM processes more than 1,000,000 customer interactions and automated data transactions every day.

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