ClearCaptions® Excels as “Fastest Growing” for 2nd Year

Company’s unrivaled growth in 2018 earns ClearCaptions second consecutive award for fastest-growing company in Sacramento, California

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Aug. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ClearCaptions, a leading provider of a telephone service that enables the hard of hearing to communicate, was again recognized by the Sacramento Business Journal as the fastest-growing company in the Sacramento Metro area.

The call captioning company that far outpaced all other area businesses with its remarkable 630-percent growth rate in 2017 (measured from 2014 – 2016) has again stunned the business community with an unheard-of 402-percent gain for 2018 (measured from 2015 – 2018).

“It’s amazing to see companies with [growth] greater than $10 million on this list [of fastest-growing companies],” said David Lichtman, Publisher of the Sacramento Business Journal, at the awards event. “But, ClearCaptions is amazing to do this at $50 million! In the 24 years we’ve been running this list only 3 companies have held the number 1 spot for 2 consecutive years. A big congratulations to ClearCaptions for maintaining their exponential growth.”

“This is an exciting achievement for us,” says ClearCaptions CEO Robert Rae. “As a company gets larger, recording a high percentage of growth over a two-year period is very difficult to do. The fact that we have done this once when we were smaller and again now when we’ve scaled up in size is simply amazing!”

Rae is quick to highlight the source of ClearCaptions’ envied success: “Our success comes from our mission and our people. Simply put, our mission is to change people’s lives for the better – enabling everyone, no matter their age or situation, to maintain a healthy, happy and independent lifestyle. We strive to keep everyone who uses our services connected with the people they love, and that is happening thanks to our phenomenal team, the very folks who have helped us  achieve this recognition and distinction. We simply couldn’t do this without every individual in our organization.”

How ClearCaptions works

ClearCaptions enables the near real-time transcription of a spoken phone conversation into text captions. Through use of the service, a caller’s words are converted into text for easy reading and reference. The service is free to the hard of hearing individual, made possible by Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and is available for a variety of technology platforms including personal computers, mobile devices and specially-designed captioning telephones. 

ClearCaptions provides the sorts of technology and services that simplifies everyday communication to help seniors and other individuals with hearing loss to live better and enjoy their independence.

“For the millions of people who have hearing loss, ClearCaptions’ products and services help them enjoy everyday communication that many of us take for granted,” said Gordon Ellis, ClearCaptions’ Vice President of Sales. “Making and receiving phone calls, for example, should be a comfortable experience for everyone. There’s no need to guess at what is being said or ask to have a caller repeat themselves; that’s what has made many people uneasy about using the phone. With the ClearCaptions service, we’re able to change folks lives in a very meaningful way.” 

About ClearCaptions – WordsMatter™

ClearCaptions is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-certified telephone captioning provider that was fully established in 2011. ClearCaptions provides an innovative suite of captioning services through a variety of platforms, including personal computers, mobile devices and home phones. For more information about ClearCaptions, visit

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