Resolvly Encourages Consumers to Study Debt Relief Options

Miami, Florida, Aug. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ) Getting out of debt problem is easy if you have a clue about what you should do and what consumer rights are there to protect you. And that is what Resolvly LLC wants consumers to do - study the options to clear the debt problem immediately.

Resolvly LLC, a company that offers debt solutions to debt-ridden consumers, stresses the importance of consumers knowing the differences between debt consolidation, debt settlement, and debt validation.

What Happens When You Take Desperate Measures

Consumers are often wondering about the best option he or she could take. However, the lack of knowledge may lead to a ballooning problem on debt management, says Resolvly LLC. 

People who are debt-ridden often take desperate measures, including turning to companies that offer debt consolidation. The companies sometimes make it sound easy that the debt will be paid off without a hassle, but this does not do anything to reduce the overall debt load of the consumer.

Solving the Problem

Resolvly LLC believes that both debt consolidation and debt settlement are band-aid solutions. For consumers who are desperate of managing their debt, the best option is to learn how debt validation could help them dismiss the debt completely and legally.

While many consumers face the burden of paying off debt that seems to be growing bigger by the year, Resolvly LLC believes the option of having the debt contested for its validity is a way to write off debt from consumers who probably do not know that his rights are already being violated by the unscrupulous creditor. Debt scams and other issues on lending services were recently included in the top 10 complaints of consumers, according to the 2017 Consumer Complaint Survey Report.

Debt Consolidation VS Debt Settlement

Debt consolidation may provide a way to manage the debt payment but it does not decrease the amount that the consumer should pay. Debt settlement, on the other hand, may give a window of hope to lower the debt depending on the negotiation between the debtor and the creditor, but it does not guarantee that creditors will agree to the amount that the customer wants to settle with. If creditors agree, consumers are still probably left with a heavy debt to carry.

Unlike debt consolidation and debt settlement, debt validation promotes the legal rights of debtors and looks into possible violations of creditors against consumer rights. Resolvly LLC believes debt validation is the best option for consumers to fight predatory lenders who are raking in millions of profit at the expense of debt-ridden consumers.

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