Relaxium Sleep—the Natural Solution to Promote a Restful Night of Shuteye

Natural Sleep Aid Presents Dietary Supplement to Aid Consumers Struggling to Fall Asleep

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Are you desperate to get a restful night of sleep? You’re not alone—a recent study from Consumer Reports noted that 68% of US adults report struggling to fall asleep at night at least once a week. M.D.-formulated Relaxium Sleep was developed to provide consumers with an unmatched blend of natural ingredients necessary to promote falling asleep and staying asleep.

The impact of lack of sleep on the human body can range from mild to severe; drowsiness has been tied to mood changes, concentration/ memory issues, weight gain, weakened immunity and more. Many of these consumers are tempted by pharmaceutical sleep aids that may provide immediate results, but without any lasting benefit. In fact, many prescription sleep aids prevent your body from cycling through the multiple critical stages of sleep.

“From a medical perspective, it’s hard to say what has a worse impact on a patient’s health—the effects of not sleeping well or the effects of taking a pharmaceutical drug to ‘fix’ the problem,” said Dr. Ciliberti. “Knowing the many dangerous side effects of these pharmaceuticals inspired me to create Relaxium Sleep, my own synergistic sleep formula which offers an ultra-premium, natural, effective and non-habit-forming sleep aid.”

Relaxium Sleep’s two key ingredients--Sensoril®and Valerest®--are proprietary ingredients of the company both backed by science. In a double-blind, placebo controlled human clinical trial, participants who used these powerful ingredients reported a 71% improvement in their ability to sleep, 70% mood improvement and reduction of stress, a 53% boost in daytime energy, and an overall improvement in quality of life.

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About Relaxium Sleep
Enjoy restful and refreshing sleep and wake up feeling completely rejuvenated with clinically-studied Relaxium Sleep, the only neurologist-formulated, all-natural sleep aid. Developed by Dr. Eric Ciliberti to offer his patients an affordable all-in-one solution, Relaxium Sleep combines clinically researched and proven ingredients that help to reduce sleeplessness, stress and anxiety, boost daytime energy, and enhance focus and concentration. Relaxium Sleep’s safe and natural blend avoids negative side effects and dependency. The ingredients in Relaxium Sleep are 100% natural. Relaxium Sleep provides the perfect synergistic blend of ingredients for reliable potency and effectiveness.

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