Investors Gush Over Domains: Publishes Four-Year Domain Name Story

ATLANTA and LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. and STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Aug. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- has just released more details about the VPN market and domain name market as a whole, with this exact-match domain article published in Forbes by Michael Gargiulo, CEO at

The piece expands on a larger series of articles that Gargiulo is working with Forbes on to explain how entrepreneurs and brands can benefit tremendously by using premium domain names in their business.

This latest Forbes publication outlines the four-year journey to acquire and how Gargiulo valued the asset to his investors when working to acquire the No. 1 domain name in the VPN space and the 7th most expensive domain in 2017. In the article, a formula is outlined that assists domain name investors in valuing exact-match domain names, like, which is now worth over $5 million.

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, who owns more than $500 million in domain names, had this to say about Gargiulo’s article: “Not only a solid formula, but the article appearing in Forbes gives domain valuation a lot more street cred. Domainers now have something to point to. Something to base your price on and it's not from any of the phony valuators out there.”

“This has been our best publication by far,” Gargiulo commented. “Some of the domain industry’s finest veterans and largest investors said some incredible things about the logic and context we used to value exact-match domains. Working with Forbes to cover this industry has been exciting. I look forward to bringing our readers even more unique content about domains.”

Schwartz is in great company of domaining experts. Kate Buckley of Buckley Media Group, who has sold three of the most expensive domain names in 2018 and joined in 2017, had two great pieces. A slew of other domain investors and brokers covered the Forbes piece, including:, Domain Marketing Pro, Kickstart Commerce, StrategicRevenue, Morgan Linton and Grant Ferry. Various threads were started at NamePros and WeRentDomains as well, after the article’s publication.

“Forbes is right,”  Gargiulo infers. “It’s clear that the domain industry is looking for quality content with tangible advice. While the team and I enjoy many aspects of covering VPN, privacy, internet security and data breaches, domaining will forever be my home. It is how I got my start and what has led us to our success as a company today.”

Internationally, the article has made quite the impression., UK Domain Brokers, and Domaineenor all appreciated Forbes covering intimate aspects of domain name valuation for the first time ever.

“I look forward to participating in the interviews and podcasts that have come from this article,” Gargiulo concluded. “We are happy to work with anyone or brand who needs a strong voice for new content. That said, owning the perfect name is half the battle. Building a quality brand that delivers informative value to readers is a hard thing to get right over time, especially in today's environment. You must have a grand vision spanning multiple decades to truly maximize the value that these premium domains offer.”

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