Everest, WAH Foundation and the Cambodian Health Ministry Improve Healthcare for Mothers in Cambodia via Blockchain Technology

The first of its kind program aims to enhance and deliver health services to 500,000 Cambodians

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everest, a biometry based, value transfer company, announced today a strategic partnership with the Cambodian Health Ministry of Kampong Chhnang Province and local implementer WAH Foundation to improve healthcare services in Kampong Chhnang Province. The project enhances a multitude of health services using blockchain technology, focusing first on maternal health with the potential to reach all of Kampong Chhnang’s 500,000 residents. The partnership is the first of its kind in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The core services of the program include training for medical professionals, better patient records and communications, and greater ability to track a mother’s progress during pregnancy. Everest’s technology ensures that these services are delivered efficiently and cost effectively, beginning with digital medical records, to the digital transfer of supporting health documents to the potential to integrate with the health programs of other provinces.

“The successful implementation of this project, and subsequently scaling it up, will provide an excellent platform for Kampong Chhnang’s population to access additional health and financial services,” said Bob Reid, CEO of Everest.  “Leapfrogging the existing technology empowers rapid and cost-effective deployment of these services, which will positively impact the daily lives of the province’s residents.”

Located in central Cambodia, Kampong Chhnang residents are served by 42 health centers and 3 hospitals, including approximately 220 midwives and over 200 pediatric nurses and doctors. This strategic partnership will empower healthcare providers to deliver better care, more efficiently, particularly for the reduction of the infant mortality rate, currently at 55 deaths per 1000 live births.

“Kampong Chhnang Provincial Health Department, part of the Ministry of Health, looks forward to seeing the results of the Everest/WAH pilot, which we hope will scale up across the province, and potentially become a national program across the whole of Cambodia,” said Prak Vonn, Director of the Health Department of Kampong Chhnang. “This will allow for more transparency, accountability and cost savings in the provincial health care system. It will ultimately lead to improved healthcare for individuals and the community, and build awareness, mainly amongst women who participate in the program. Eventually, we can see the use of blockchain systems across multiple health sectors and programs such as cash transfer systems and government subsidies.”

WAH Foundation founder Christopher Wilson noted, “WAH strives to improve the standard of healthcare in Kampong Chhnang Province, through collaborations with international hospital groups and companies which can add value to the health system. One important aspect of improving standards is training and educating midwives, nurses and doctors. Another aspect is through the use of technology, to improve patient records, track mothers during pregnancy to the 30th day of the baby’s life, overall communication between patients and medical institutions, and create a value transfer platform that can be used to receive medicine. WAH Foundation is very excited about starting this program with Everest, to help improve medical services to mothers and children through the use of blockchain.”

The opportunity to test user-driven “amber alert” and human trafficking prevention mechanisms during the pilot will be driven by integrating Everest’s technology with the existing hospital systems.

The partners are now developing the pilot program design and operations planning of this service in order to be ready to scale up across the province once complete.

About WAH
WAH Foundation is a Cambodia registered Non-Government-Organization. Their mission is to improve the lives and conditions of rural communities in Cambodia, through dedication to sustainable clean water and health projects with a priority on the well-being of women and children. It is currently working within Kampong Chhnang Province and with the provincial hospital systems and public health networks within Cambodia. WAH has been working in the clean water sector since 2009, and the medical training sector since 2011, and partners with the local health care centers and hospitals to provide clean water solutions, medical training, training of trainer programs, river ambulances and specific emergency services, in situations of extreme disease or dire conditions.  

About Everest
Everest is an economic and value transfer platform, anchored in biometric identity, which is the world’s only device-free, globally accessible, self-sovereign digital wallet and payment solution. By leveraging blockchain and distributed storage technologies, Everest empowers banks, governments, NGOs, hospitals, businesses and other institutions to transparently and effectively exchange value with those hard to reach users, especially the 5 billion users without smartphones, all while giving users the most control and privacy in the market. App developers leverage Everest’s platform for services like remittances, micro-finance, micro-insurance, payroll, cash transfer, KYC/AML, land, medical records, etc. For more information, visit www.everest.org.

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John Stavinga