Load Testing Leader RadView Offers Greater Visibility, Control, and Collaboration On-Premises and in the Cloud with the Release of WebLOAD 11.2

New release allows Performance Testing, QA, and DevOps teams to streamline operations with continuous load testing that can meet the most complex application requirements

Rosh Haayin, ISRAEL

Bridgewater, NJ, Aug. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  

WebLOAD Cloud

The new WebLOAD Cloud enhanced command and control capabilities, allowing users to manage and execute tests directly from their browser and providing greater visibility, control and collaboration to performance testing, QA, and DevOps teams.

WebLOAD capabilities are now available to users both on-premises and as SaaS. WebLOAD’s licensing model allows organizations to start using the software on-premises and move to the cloud version (or the other way around) any time at no additional cost – providing the flexibility to streamline deployment and adjust to changes in the organization’s cloud strategy.


Testing with a Purpose: Powerful Analytics

While generating a reliable load test is important, the real payoff for testing is the ability to identify and eliminate performance issues before they impact users. WebLOAD features the industry’s most advanced load testing analytics, allowing developers and performance engineers to pinpoint performance bottlenecks with high level of accuracy and confidence.

WebLOAD enables users to:

  • View real-time result of tests as they are running
  • Compare multiple session results
  • Create dashboards with custom metrics, graphs, and layouts
  • Correlate WebLOAD transactions with server-side events

Enabling ChatOps and Collaboration

Effective collaboration is the backbone of DevOps and ChatOps practices.  WebLOAD enables collaboration between testers and developers by integrating with popular tools, such as Slack, Hipchat, Telegraph and others.

Streamlined DevOps Continuous Integration (CI)  

WebLOAD enables organizations to automate performance testing and smoothly incorporate it into their Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CI) processes for faster and more efficient software deployment.

Developers, QA groups and DevOps personnel can:

  • Orchestrate automatic tests against every build in the pipeline
  • Collaborate and share performance test results via a web dashboard
  • Manage test data in a shared repository together with software versions 

Real Browser Testing with Selenium

WebLOAD’s integration with Selenium, the open source testing tool for web browser applications, allows users to integrate real web browsers activity into performance test scenarios. Using WebLOAD 11.2 Selenium integration, users can execute tests on many browsers with no limit on the number of virtual users.

No-compromise Testing for the Most Complex Applications and User Scenarios

WebLOAD 11.2 offers advanced correlation, parameterization, response validation, and messaging, as well as native JavaScripting and debugging. With these features, users are able to define reliable performance tests that address even the most complex requirements.

“WebLOAD is a powerful tool that is instrumental to our performance assurance efforts. It allows us to easily create tests, analyze the results, and identify performance bottlenecks,” said Muhammad Hafeez, Lead Performance Engineer at pharmaceutical company Shire. “As we continue to rely heavily on WebLOAD for day-to-day performance testing, RadView’s support has proven to be both truly knowledgeable and highly responsive to new needs that arise in our testing environment.”

WebLOAD 11.2 is available for a 30-day free trial with enhanced expert support at https://radview.com/trial.

About RadView

RadView Software is the developer of WebLOAD, an enterprise-grade load testing solution used by world-leading organizations to ensure the reliability and performance of their mission-critical applications and services. Available for deployment on-premises and in the cloud, WebLOAD is designed to address even the most complex load testing challenges – helping developers and QA teams release new software with speed and confidence.
For more information, visit www.radview.com or call 1-888-RADVIEW.


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