Toothpic Launches in the US to Deliver Expert Dental Advice Via Smart Phone App

New tech allows patients to get answers from a real dentist, access a directory of dentists in their area and receive reports and treatment options at home

Booklyn, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Aug. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Toothpic, an app providing independent, on-demand dental advice, launches today in the U.S. Using six photos taken from a smartphone camera, the app delivers a detailed oral health evaluation from a remote dentist within 24 hours and can help connect users with a vetted dentist in their area – all from the comfort of their home.

“People don’t care about their dental health until something goes wrong,” said Mark Moore, founder and CEO of Toothpic. “More than half of Americans haven’t been to the dentist in the last year. It’s frustrating too, because for the most part, dental pain is completely preventable. We want to provide people with a simple way to stay on top of their oral health. Toothpic is a secure solution for people to get instant access to independent advice without the pain, inconvenience and time of visiting or searching for a dentist.”

Whether users have a specific dental health question or are just looking for reassurance, the Toothpic report answers inquiries, provides homecare advice, recommends next steps and gives tips for planning the next treatment. If the user needs to visit a dentist, the app will guide them to the Toothpic directory to search dentists by zip code.

The app works by instructing users to take six simple but comprehensive photos of their teeth, coaching them on the most effective shots until the images are saved and submitted. From there, a fully licensed dentist in the US will review the case and respond with the full Toothpic report within 24 hours.

“Currently dental care doesn’t provide a good customer experience,” continued Moore. “It’s seen as expensive, uncomfortable and incredibly complicated. To make it worse, when you are researching it, you are usually in pain. Toothpic will change that, taking care of the worry and the confusion and simply connecting you with an expert who can answer the questions that matter to you.”

Users are also provided with a Toothpic Smile Score to better understand their oral health and learn how to take action and raise their score. They can see how their smile scores are ranked among others in their community. The score is ranked out of ten and is calculated based on responses to questions about homecare regime, general dental health and social habits.

Toothpic is now available for download on iOS and Android.

About Toothpic

Established in 2015, Toothpic is a teledentistry app headquartered in Brooklyn, New York and Dublin, Ireland. Toothpic has the world’s largest teledental network with more than 400 dentists spanning throughout the U.S. For more information about Toothpic, visit

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