Canna Care Docs Releases Statement on Illinois Passage of Alternative to Opioids Act

CRESTWOOD, Ill. , Aug. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canna Care Docs, one of North America’s largest and longest-running group of medical cannabis evaluation and education centers, today released a statement on the passage of Illinois Senate Bill 0336, more commonly known as the Alternative to Opioids Act.  After being sent by the State Senate on June 29, earlier today Governor Bruce Rauner signed the bill into law.

The new law will now allow for Illinois residents who are suffering from debilitating medical conditions to have greater access to medical cannabis – in particular as an alternative to opioids.  According to the Illinois Department of Human Services, the number of opioid-related fatalities in the state had risen by 116% from 2006 to 2016.  Senate Bill 0336 works to allow physicians to more easily integrate medical cannabis into a patient’s treatment regimen by removing regulatory burdens on both patients and healthcare practitioners.

“After assisting more than 270,000 patients at Canna Care Docs with the introduction of medical cannabis into their treatment plans, we know the life-changing value that this medicine brings to those struggling with extreme pain and other life-crippling ailments,” said Stephanie Gluchacki, President of Canna Care Docs.  “Governor Rauner has just given all patients in Illinois an alternate path towards healing, removing the heavy reliance on addictive opioids and other pain medication in exchange for a more natural and effective treatment option.”

The Bill removes much of the red tape that both physicians and patients in Illinois have been challenged by since the state’s legalization of its medical cannabis program in November of 2015.  The new law expedites the medical cannabis evaluation process, removing the previous need for patients to submit to background checks and fingerprinting.

“At Canna Care Docs, we pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive medical cannabis evaluation and education program to patients throughout the US,” said Sam Franzone, Operations Manager for Illinois, Canna Care Docs.   “We look forward to continuing to serve the people of Illinois out of our Crestwood care center and are excited to be opening our Morris and Highland Park locations very soon.”

Canna Care Docs operates 26 medical cannabis evaluation education centers serving 12 states within the US.

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