Dining Alliance Announces Partnership with Buyers Edge Platform's Source GPO

WALTHAM, Mass., Aug. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dining Alliance, the nation's largest group purchasing organization for local restaurants announced today that as of October 1, it will be partnering with the newly-formed Buyers Edge Platform source GPO to process all of its rebates and deviated (discounted) pricing.  Dining Alliance is winding down its long-standing contract with Compass Group and Foodbuy Inc.

The Buyers Edge Platform emerges on the GPO landscape with over $7 billion in purchasing volume and a new roster of manufacturer contracts that were not previously available to local restaurants.

"This new partnership offers our restaurant members the opportunity to take advantage of deep discounts that come from 350 contracts, at least 50 of which were not previously available to our customers," says Dining Alliance President Christina Donahue.  "This partnership allows our GPO to grow even stronger with more deviated pricing, higher rebates and more manufacturers than before.  There is no other GPO that has a stronger restaurant-specific contract portfolio."

In addition, Dining Alliance has partnered with technology-provider FoodBAM, which offers order management and inventory software to restaurants.  FoodBAM's application gives restaurateurs the opportunity to see Dining Alliance's price savings in real-time at the point of ordering and make informed, savings-focused purchasing decisions.  "FoodBAM allows our members to see competitive pricing options right at the point of purchase and ensures that our members get the lowest possible price," said Donahue.

About Dining Alliance:  As a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Dining Alliance makes its members more profitable by offering them access to benefits and purchasing power that would not otherwise be available to them.  As the nation's largest GPO for Independent Restaurant Operators, Dining Alliance offers members the opportunity to take advantage of a wide array of benefits including pricing contracts, savings programs, employee perk programs and marketing opportunities.  The company was founded in 1998 and currently has more 20,000 national restaurant members. Learn more at www.diningalliance.com

About Buyers Edge Platform:  Buyers Edge Platform represents a network of companies and 45,000 operator locations. It extends its technology solutions, partnerships, and contracts to its members empowering them to improve their client service offerings by leveraging the Platform’s $7 Billion in volume, resources and collective scale. Buyers Edge Platform members include Dining Alliance, Consolidated Concepts, Buyers Edge Purchasing, Axis Purchasing, Sundell and Associates, RP Procurement, FoodBAM, Source1 Purchasing, Fresh Concepts and other member GPOs and consulting companies. Learn more at www.buyersedgeplatform.com

About FoodBAM:  FoodBAM was founded in 2015 and is the leading platform for foodservice operators to take inventory, order, save, and pay for all of their foodservice needs.  FoodBAM simplifies the process of product procurement, inventory management and cost analysis and saves operators time, money and stress in managing their back-of-house business challenges.  Operators can route orders to multiple vendors, compare prices, and identify rebate and savings opportunities via one interface. Learn more at www.foodbam.com

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