Blockbonds has signed a significant agreement with United Nations Women

Kristiansand S, NORWAY

Blockbonds has achieved a partnership with UN Women after winning a procurement, targeting the empowerment of women through financial education.

The Norwegian Fintech company Blockbonds will launch the services of their product ‘SPENN’ through a pilot in Kakuma refugee camp, together with UN Women.

The product SPENN will be tested with a target to empower the women in the camp and to contribute to financial independence and empowerment.  

The project in the Kakuma camp will be the first deployment for SPENN in partnership with a humanitarian organization such as UN Women. Through structured education, Blockbonds will demonstrate the product’s usability and convenience, and how it empowers the women involved in the program.

“We are honoured to receive this endorsement from UN Women, and we are highly motivated to ensure success in the camps through a close partnership,” CEO of Blockbonds, Mr Jens Glaso said.

Through SPENN, users instantly get a bank account and can perform P2P transactions and store payments. Blockbonds is also pleased to see that UN Women in Kakuma refugee camp can take advantage of Blockbonds’ experience from operations in African and Asian countries.

Business owners can through the app access a point of sale solution, in which they have a complete overview of their sales, and money handling becomes more convenient for both the business and the consumer.

SPENN is free to download and all services are cost-free.

About Blockbonds AS:
Blockbonds is a Norwegian fintech company with a clear mission to contribute to global financial inclusion for vulnerable and marginalized populations, through its product called SPENN.

The team consists of over 100 people who are working in the field on a daily basis, and through advocacy and awareness raising, aim to help the 2 billion people who have limited or no access to financial services.

Today, the company has a presence in 11 markets. The product SPENN is live in Rwanda and the Philippines, and the company is preparing to launch in Tanzania in October this year.

Blockbonds has created a global model, with which everyone in the world can access financial services equal to those in more developed markets, completely free, by utilizing the security and transparency of blockchain technology. 

Jens Glaso, CEO & Founder
+47 40 40 47 50