Preeminent ERISA Law Firm Launches Retirement Plan Investment Advisor Search Consulting Service

BOSTON, Sept. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marcia Wagner, the Managing Director of The Wagner Law Group, widely renowned as the country’s top ERISA, employee benefits and executive compensation law firm, is pleased to announce the launching of the firm’s new advisor search consulting service. 

The fiduciary responsibility of ERISA-governed retirement plan sponsors to select, monitor and terminate the investment choices available to plan participants is enormous, and has led plan sponsors to seek assistance from outside investment advisors.  Retaining an investment advisor to choose plan investments, however, does not absolve retirement plan sponsors from the fiduciary duty related to plan investments, and, in and of itself, is an action that must meet ERISA’s stringent fiduciary standards.  Recognizing that litigation involving claims of breach of ERISA fiduciary duty continue to grow, the firm’s advisor search consulting service is tailored to assist retirement plan sponsors with the search for and selection of appropriate investment advisors in a manner designed to ensure compliance with ERISA fiduciary obligations.  “As we watch ERISA lawsuits in this realm continue to mount, we feel it is our obligation to help our clients with the crucial process of selecting a proper plan investment advisor,” says Ms. Wagner.

The Wagner Law Group’s advisor search consulting program consists of three crucial stages:

  1. Analysis of Plan Needs: Plan decision makers are surveyed to identify the necessary services to be provided and the desired advisor qualities.  The universe of advisors is narrowed and a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) to possible candidates is developed.  Candidates may include pre-screened advisors and/or those requested by the client.
  2. RFP Process: Candidates receive the RFP electronically and are asked to provide documents such as a sample investment monitoring report.  Responses are analyzed and two to four finalists are identified.
  3. Advisor Selection: The finalists receive an additional RFP electronically and are asked for more in-depth information and additional documents such as copies of applicable insurance policies.  Appropriate finalists are asked to make an in-person presentation to the client. The Wagner Law Group acts as a fiduciary in recommending finalists and assists in the negotiation and execution of the service agreement.

For more information concerning the firm’s advisor search consulting services, please contact, Thomas E. Clark, Jr.

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