Aromyx Corp. Announces EssenceChip™ Beta Limited Availability in Q4 2018

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aromyx Corp., maker of the EssenceChip™, the digital platform for measuring taste and smell, today announced that early evaluation versions of its EssenceChip biosensor will be available to select partners in Q4 of 2018.

Aromyx technology is based on the human sense of smell and taste.  Aromyx has built a solution for the digital capture of smell and taste – the EssenceChip – placing olfactory receptors from the nose onto a disposable biochip, with a digital readout. 

“We now have working receptors in our groundbreaking EssenceChip,” said Chris Hanson, CEO of Aromyx.  “We’ve demonstrated strong signals and performance in a scalable olfactory biosensor that contains no live cells, for a portable solution to measure taste and smell anywhere.”

“The Aromyx EssenceChip is the biggest and most dramatic commercial application of Buck and Axel’s Nobel Prize-winning discovery of mammalian olfactory receptors,” said Dr. Avery Gilbert, President of Synesthetics, Inc., a leading multisensory research designer for the development and marketing of consumer products. “It uses truly biological sensors to quantify real-world odors in all their complexity. This technology is an entirely new way to profile, compare, analyze and engineer the aroma of foods, beverages and consumer products. It will completely change the nature of sensory evaluation.”

By measuring smells with the same receptors as are in the human nose, the EssenceChip produces the same signals that the nose would send to the brain, when encountering a cola beverage or a perfume, or a biomarker for a specific disease on the breath of a patient. Aromyx customers include two Fortune 100 companies.

“The Aromyx EssenceChip has real promise as a non-invasive, real-time diagnostic tool for a wide range of diseases,” said Dr. Danny Dhanasekaran, Professor, Department of Cell Biology at the University of Oklahoma and Director of the Center for Basic Cancer Research and NIH-sponsored Center of Biomedical research Excellence at the University of Oklahoma Stephenson Cancer Center.  “Some doctors can smell certain diseases including scarlet fever and breast cancer, colorectal and testicular cancer, even Parkinson’s.”

Aromyx also offers users a software toolkit called Allegory and the Aromyx Cloud, a database of taste and smell information. 

A white paper is available upon request.

About Aromyx
Aromyx is a Stanford University- and venture-backed technology company with CRISPR-constructed proprietary sensing and AI that digitizes the human sense of smell and taste.

We have developed a proprietary sensor to measure smell and taste by cloning olfactory receptors from the nose and tongue onto a disposable biochip, with a digital readout.  We apply artificial intelligence to the resulting data to give customers insights unobtainable with other technologies. The resultant data improves the products you use every day and will revolutionize industries from food & beverage to pharma to agriculture.

Aromyx has its headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif.

Aromyx will be exhibiting at the SynBioBeta 2018 Conference Oct. 1-3 at the Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF in San Francisco, Calif.   We hope to see you there!  Aromyx will also be featured in the 2018 Stanford StartX Demo Day in late September.

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