RushNet Inc. and XYZ Hemp Inc., with Western Sierra Resource, Prepare Sept. 14 Detailing of Contractual Relationships and Consolidated Operations for Existing Hemp Cultivation, Extraction and Post Extraction of CBD and Other Cannabinoids

Palm Coast, FL, Sept. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- RushNet, Inc. (OTC Pink: RSHN), Gold River Productions, Inc., dba XYZ Hemp, Inc. and Western Sierra Resource Corporation are preparing the announcement, for release by Wednesday, September 14, 2018. This release will detail the carefully orchestrated, mutually beneficial contractual relationships and business operations now operationally consolidated and fully integrated, and now fully operational for Hemp cultivation (in place), Extraction (in place) and Post Extraction (in place), for CBD and other cannabinoid production. Those integrated operations are currently in place, the existing orders for which exceed $2,000,000. 

Richard Goulding, Chairman of the Board and Chief Medical Officer, stated, “We will also furnish further detailed plans for the expansion of existing operations and to a more limited extent, the future CBD and non-CBD (ginseng) beverage production currently trademarked. As previously announced, these Facilities & Land Hemp cultivation and processing facilities are registered in Colorado Dept. of Agriculture.”

Announcements will include in-house photographs of operations. These initial photographs are in advance of the more professionally produced videos and photographs for marketing materials still in production and scheduled for release in conjunction with the October harvest activities on the first 15 acres of production. We will further provide details concerning the revenue forecasts from that acreage as well as from production to be extracted on additional acreage. 

Quality is credibility.  Attention and care throughout the cultivation, harvesting, drying, extraction and post extraction disciplines followed by painstaking testing, formulation, and proprietary infusion using the finest ingredients is the path to quality, maximum profitability and long-term sustainability.  The true benefits of our broad-spectrum cannabinoid-infused products, with a focus on purity will be the cornerstone of this enterprise and resulting sustainable credibility.  The true combined benefits of  superior CBD-infused products, ginseng products, and others in queue,  together with the mineral rich properties of the deep well artesian water will be clearly evident in the quality, value, and resulting sustainable market acceptance of the end products. Dr. Goulding further stated, “That quality is not an accident. Quality is a commitment that adds value.   We intend to harness that added value most notably in the sale of the end products. Hence the value of the fully vertically integrated soil-to-shelf Industrial Hemp.” 

RushNet, Inc. along with Gold River Productions, Inc. previously announced their respective part ownership in deep artesian wells, with an appraised value in excess of $40,000,000 and its access to this immense aquifer reserve, to be employed for its production of various beverages, including KnockoutPunch™, Awater™, Ewater™, and now KO™ and KOPunch™. We continue to feel that the mineral rich properties of this pristine, ancient water will be the foundation for a full line of superior beverages and unparalleled hemp products, in many instances including ginseng.  

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