Solibri Delivers on Customer Needs with Actionable Insights from Revulytics Usage Analytics

Increased speed, agility, and data-driven insight enable Solibri to build on its strengths and extend its competitive advantage for its construction software

WALTHAM, Mass., Sept. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Revulytics, Inc., a leading provider of software usage analytics for on-premise software, today announced that Solibri, a provider of Building Information Modeling software, is using Revulytics® Usage Intelligence to move beyond anecdotal and fragmented customer feedback to a more quantitative and comprehensive view of customer behavior.

Solibri’s software works across multiple project disciplines, including architects, structural engineers, and installers of key building subsystems such as mechanical, electrics, and plumbing). It streamlines communications and coordination to help all stakeholders identify and resolve problems in earlier stages of design, when changes cost less. Using Revulytics’ easy instrumentation, out-of-the-box and custom reporting, and API-based integration with other data sources, Solibri uses timely customer feedback throughout the development process, and captures actionable data for decision-making from R&D to marketing.

“Revulytics is helping us with one of our key priorities: to become a more data-driven company,” said Juan Rodriguez, product manager, Solibri. “We know support calls represent only a very minor portion of our real customer base, and not even of those who use the software most. We chose Revulytics because we wanted a clearer understanding of how our typical users are engaging with the software through anonymous usage data. Our developers can now implement features requiring more robust hardware and have the confidence that their innovations won’t leave our customers behind.”

Using Revulytics, Solibri has captured detailed anonymous system configuration information and discovered that its customer base is using more powerful computers than previously recognized. Solibri uses the Revulytics Usage Intelligence API to integrate this anonymous usage data into executive and marketing dashboards, alongside information from its website and This data aggregation gives a more complete and holistic picture of product usage, enhancing its value for targeting a wide variety of product investments and customer promotions.

“Revulytics Usage Intelligence enables Solibri to quickly recognize usage shifts, anticipate new requirements, and customize products and communications for the unique characteristics of diverse geographical markets and types of user,” said Keith Fenech, VP, Software Analytics, Revulytics. “This increased speed, agility, and data-driven insight enable Solibri to build on its strengths and extend its competitive advantage.”

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