SPENN introduces airtime purchase in Rwanda

Blockbonds AS announces today that in addition to the current features, users will now be able to purchase airtime in Rwanda directly from the SPENN app.

The product SPENN is a Mobile Banking App, banking the unbanked through its blockchain based smartphone app, with current features of opening a bank account, send & receive money and shop in stores – with no transaction fees.

“We are always striving to serve our users’ wants and needs. We truly believe that by introducing airtime purchase in SPENN, we will add value to both new and existing users, whom will benefit from our product even more,” CEO of Blockbonds, Mr Jens Glaso said.

SPENN is a global product with a presence in 11 markets. Airtime is initially introduced in Rwanda, where SPENN has a partnership with I&M Bank (Rwanda) PLC.

Through SPENN, users can purchase airtime either for themselves or for others, with the touch of a button.

About Blockbonds AS:
Blockbonds is a Norwegian fintech company with a clear mission to contribute to global financial inclusion for vulnerable and marginalized populations.

The team consists of over 100 people who are working in the field on a daily basis, and through advocacy and awareness raising, aim to help the 2 billion people who have limited or no access to financial services.

Blockbonds’ vision is to create a world where everyone can manage their savings, payments and investments in an honest, transparent and secure way.

Blockbonds has chosen to focus initially on the African and Asian markets of operations – primarily in markets where the unbanked population is vastly represented, with a viable technical infrastructure to support the product and where trust for mobile payments are, to varying degrees, socially accepted and welcomed. 

Blockbonds has created a global model, with which everyone in the world can access financial services equal to those in more developed markets, completely free, by utilizing the security and transparency of blockchain technology.