7Park Data Expands Product Suite with Cargo, Predictive Measures of Crude Oil Imports and Exports for Investors Covering Commodities, Energy, Shipping, Emerging Markets, and Macro Strategies

Leveraging Comprehensive Vessel Tracking and Manifest Data For Accurate, Timely Visibility into Crude Oil Movement Around the Globe


NEW YORK, Sept. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 7Park Data, provider of leading indicators and data transformation solutions for Investment Firms and Fortune 500 Companies, today announced the expansion of its data product suite with the launch of Cargo. Leading Performance Indicators are derived from a diverse collection of vessel and cargo data, providing investors a forward-looking view of oil on water and import-export activity between the world’s leading oil producing and consuming nations, validated against EIA and OPEC reported data.

7Park’s Analytics Services transforms live vessel tracking and manifest data into derived indicators including an average count of barrels per day. Cargo Leading Performance Indicators deliver insight in advance of EIA and OPEC reporting, and tie movement to importing and exporting nations.

Cargo meets the demand for timely, contextualized insights about the energy market not captured by other sources; AIS tracks vessel location but does not include qualitative cargo information, US customs data has a significant lag time and is limited to domestic activity, and satellite data captures oil storage, without analysis of how cargo moves around the globe.

Cargo empowers clients with a broad set of use cases:

  • Build more accurate models in advance of EIA and OPEC reporting
  • Assess shifts in the global supply chain by tracking import & export activity between the world’s leading oil producers and consumers including the United States, Saudi Arabia and China
  • Understand global supply and demand trends and monitor risks associated with oil-sensitive companies and sectors
  • Seamlessly incorporate insights into your workflow with topic-specific reports and models, time series data via bulk delivery, and an interactive dashboard to support custom queries and visualize changes over time

“7Park  enables clients to make more informed decisions  by transforming raw data into leading indicators of company and economic performance, and we are excited to expand our coverage into commodities, energy, shipping and emerging markets,” said Rishit Shah, 7Park Data’s Chief Product Officer. “We’re meeting a market need for data that is easily consumable by financial services clients, and predictive of benchmarks like weekly EIA reports.”

About 7Park Data

7Park Data transforms data to revolutionize business decisions.

Leveraging machine learning, entity extraction and linking, and predictive models, we transform unstructured information into contextualized Leading Performance Indicators for thousands of public and private companies. Our clients are the most sophisticated investment firms and Fortune 500 corporations who depend on 7Park Data to guide benchmarking, forecasting and product development.

7Park Data offers the Avenue Suite, a collection of dashboards providing clients and partners with on-demand access to our report library, commentary from domain experts, and custom queries and visualizations.

Avenue I/O, our developer site, is a suite of APIs, SDKs and tools for data scientists, quantitative analysts, and data owners who want access to cleansed, mapped, normalized data and user-level panels to build their own models. Avenue I/O provides open source tools to quickly and easily build analytical products powered by our APIs.

7Park Data was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York City.


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