World's First Physician Focused Virtual Care Platform “Carie Health” is Making Virtual Concierge Care The Standard of Care, and it's FREE to Every Doctor

“Carie was built to shatter expectations about what Telehealth is and how it fits into our lives. From its free and instant sign up model, to it’s “go anywhere, do anything” architecture, this is how our children will relate to their local doctors.”


Miami, Florida, Sept. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --
The evolution of the mobile technologies have played a significant role in the U.S. healthcare system. As the system continues to undergo significant transformation, substantial federal de-regulations are opening the doors for true innovation and challenging physicians with increasing patient expectations. But where is the mass market solution to bring doctors and patients together online?

The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption: Physicians are increasingly pressed for time, patients have an average 29 day wait to see their physicians, and healthcare expenditure is skyrocketing to 20% of America’s GDP, the highest in the world, while many indicators show worsening performance.

The simplest solution to all the pain-points of the industry is telemedicine. The global telemedicine market is expected to double from $25 billion in 2015 to nearly $58 billion in 2020. In the U.S., adoption of telemedicine technology has grown from 54.5% in 2014 to 61.3% in 2016, and nearly 80% of patients are now willing to try telemedicine solutions. To describe the magnitude of the transition, by 2024, virtual physician visits will surpass in-office visits, and by 2025, there will be an estimated 1.15 billion virtual physicians’ visits each year.

Today, the vast bulk of this growth has been as a direct result of the major payers, insurance carriers and third-party administrators (TPA’s) disintermediating the physician’s and specialist’s income streams through the provision of telehealth services through “call-center style” disparate panels of physicians. We are pleased to celebrate one organization that is bravely taking the opposite approach and bringing patients and their own providers closer with the use of simple mobile technologies.

Founded in 2016 by California native Matt Wanderer, Carie Health, or “Carie” as she is affectionately known in healthcare circles, is a groundbreaking telemedicine company built to address the nation’s unmet demand for high quality, affordable healthcare. Pioneering the mobile healthcare solution, Carie provides excellent healthcare accessible to all Americans while making it easier for physicians to get on board and make the complex transition to the participation in the growth of the telehealth industry and the wave of revenue associated with it.

Carie makes physicians’ visits easier and more convenient through its groundbreaking platform that also provides physicians with residual income they’ve earned. The company delivers a turnkey telehealth solution that extends the physician’s reach, reduces after-hours support, and improves patient retention. With the company’s patient onboarding tools, a personalized patient site, and proactive built-in digital marketing tools, patients can video consult with their primary care physician, specialist or any healthcare provider anytime, anywhere.

“People always want to compare us with other telehealth systems, which offer limited utility to doctor and patient alike. To be more accurate I encourage my friends and family to think of us as America's first full service virtual-care health system, were not competing with Teledoc, we owe them great thanks as they forged the path for companies like ours to exist. Unlike first-generation telehealth  tools, our whole system aligns instantly with the the independent provider’s current tools allowing doctors from coast to coast to become visible online instantly, engage with their own patients better, and also pick up new patients who are looking for forward thinking local providers.” Says Matt Wanderer, Founder & CEO of Carie Health.

Carie is an innovative platform that was built to create a new and improved healthcare experience between a provider and their patients; one that elevates the relationship by reducing barriers of time, cost, and inconvenience. Carie instantly connects patients with their own trusted Doctors (or if preferred the next available local Doctor) creating a complete care solution, both in-office and virtually. Unlike standard Telehealth solutions, when you are talking with a Carie provider, and the situation calls for it, you can simply agree to drive over the office for an in-person visit. This is a new frontier.

With the unique set of tools and a proprietary platform, Carie’s virtual healthcare technology has a clear opportunity to grow and scale within the telehealth market.

“Our recipe is simple and wildly revolutionary at the same time; we connect the consumer with their own doctor, let them maintain and even improve the core doctor-patient relationship. In collaboration with the brightest minds, in both the healthcare and technology industries, we came together to map how healthcare could be optimally delivered by learning from other industries and building a new healthcare delivery model.” states CEO, Matt Wanderer.

Whether you are are a doctor looking to ensure a durable practice for the next 30 years, or a patient who wants to give their favorite doctor a gentle nudge to sign up and access our free platform, visit us at and begin your journey into the way healthcare should be!


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