Mobile Security Provider Wandera Launches Exten, the First Data Management and Control Service for Windows 10 Laptops

Granular visibility and control of data plans expected to reduce mobile data consumption of always-connected laptops by up to 30 percent

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wandera, the leading enterprise mobile security and data management company, today launched Exten, the world’s first data management and control service for Windows 10 laptops. Exten enables enterprises to customize policy controls and manage employee data plans, giving them insight and control over metered networks, such as MiFi devices and/or embedded SIM cards.

“With the increase in remote work, smartphone capabilities, and always connected devices in today’s workplace, this Windows 10 platform expansion was a natural progression for us and will help our clients understand how their money is being spent on data,” said Eldar Tuvey, CEO and Founder of Wandera. “We’re excited to deliver the same transparency and data control capabilities for our enterprise customers’ always connected laptops that we offer for their mobile devices.”

Wandera Exten can co-exist with existing enterprise VPN and/or proxy settings as well as be rolled out via SCCM or other package management tools. The dashboard’s intelligent features allow enterprises to easily manage all data needs, including a breakdown of data usage and access to real-time reporting, which can also be made available to the end user. Its network-aware intelligence allows for different policies to be applied based on the network interface being used.

Key features:

  • Flexible data caps – Configure usage-based policies capable of blocking excessive mobile data use, but with business app exceptions to ensure employees remain productive.
  • Effective app and service blocking – Restrict access to internet services that should not be used on metered mobile networks at all times or under specific conditions
  • Context-aware policy engine – Configure powerful rules that dictate how mobile data may be consumed based upon criteria like location, mobile provider, and more.
  • Smart metered network detection – Automatically detect toll-inducing connections using a SIM, eSIM, or external hotspot.
  • Real time notifications – Keep users and administrators aware of usage consumption while alerting in the event of policy violations.
  • Unified reporting – See fleet-wide and end-user mobile data consumption statistics across all device types for a complete view of how data is being used.

“Windows continues to be the dominant platform in enterprise computing, with a 90 percent laptop OS market share making it an ideal platform to integrate with,” said Tuvey. “Our research suggests employees armed with these always-connected laptops could be burning through 2.30GB of cellular data a day streaming Netflix or 260GB a year on YouTube amounting to a staggering cost for businesses.”

Following extensive research and trials, Wandera expects Exten to reduce cellular data consumption by up to 30 percent.

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