The Advertising ID Consortium Spearheads Effort to Provide Marketers with a Transparent Measurement Standard

Leading open industry platforms will provide digital ad exposure data in a transparent, standardized, privacy-conscious format to advertisers

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, the Advertising ID Consortium announced it will collaborate with other marketing technology leaders to provide the digital advertising exposure data needed for marketers to analyze interactions with their brand, in the measurement and analytics environments of their choice. Access to exposure data is critical to the marketing ecosystem, as it powers everything from simple campaign measurement to the mapping of the omnichannel customer journey. This capability will be powered by some of the most well-known champions of the open internet, including Criteo, OpenX, PubMatic, Thunder, IgnitionOne, and AdRoll Group. As a result, consumers can expect to have a more meaningful and seamless experience throughout the digital ecosystem with more relevant, personalized messaging from the brands that they value and prefer.  

Today’s consumers spend time in an ever-growing number of digital channels, making it difficult for marketers to understand who has been exposed to their advertising, how many times, and where. Recent policy changes from some providers of ad serving technology will further complicate brands efforts to understand consumers’ omnichannel journey and provide more relevant, customized experiences for their customers. This creates the need for an open, transparent standard that anyone can leverage to provide or access advertising exposure data. The platforms participating in this initiative represent a majority of the ad volume on the open internet and have committed to sharing data on digital ad exposure with the entire ecosystem in a standardized format.

The Advertising ID Consortium and its partners will provide multiple options that enable marketers to maintain the ability to leverage advertising exposure data in the measurement and analytics platforms of their choice:

  • Exposure data tied to device based identifiers can be accessed through a standard, privacy-conscious ID for use in device-based measurement and analytics
  • Exposure data tied to people-based identifiers can be accessed through a standard, privacy-conscious ID for use in people-based measurement and analytics
  • Alternatively, people-based ad serving technology can be employed that will make advertising exposure data directly available to marketers from their ad server   

“Serving today’s always-on, multi-device consumer necessitates unprecedented collaboration between companies across the digital ecosystem,” said Len Ostroff, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances, Criteo. “As a leader and pioneer in commerce marketing, accurate and transparent measurement has always been at the core of driving performance for our clients. The shared vision and strategic expertise of these platforms will promote technical innovation that enhances advertising measurement and supports a common goal of promoting a vibrant open internet.”

“In today’s complex digital ecosystem, the ability to accurately, transparently map the customer journey across an increasing number of digital touchpoints is critical to advertisers, which is why the Advertising ID Consortium represents a welcome and productive move by some of the industry’s leading marketing technology providers,” said Christopher Hansen, CPO at IgnitionOne.

"Brand marketers are taking a closer look at their digital advertising supply chain and are proactively choosing to only work with partners that prioritize quality and can solve real needs," said Jason Fairchild, co-founder, OpenX. "This new measurement solution will help quantify the value of open web inventory, and when evaluating who to work with, advertisers should look to partners that can offer this holistic view of measurement.”

“The convergence of brand spend flowing to programmatic and growing consumer privacy demands has made an open measurement standard critical for advertisers and publishers alike,” said Anand Das, co-founder and chief technology officer, PubMatic. “We are excited to be partnering with colleagues on both sides of the ecosystem on this initiative to empower marketers to fully measure impact and ROI and diversify their programmatic buys.”

“Publishers can simultaneously protect user privacy and provide transparency to advertisers by sharing ad exposure data tied to a privacy-conscious ID,” said Victor Wong, CEO of Thunder. “You don’t have to sacrifice accountability in order to protect consumer privacy.”

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About the Advertising ID Consortium
The Advertising ID Consortium is an open and independent organization comprised of companies spanning the digital advertising industry that provides an open identity solution for the ecosystem. Founded in 2017, the Consortium enables buyers and sellers of programmatic advertising to leverage people-based marketing to create more relevant campaigns and improve user experience. For more information, visit us at

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