World Finance magazine explores an economic revival in Ethiopia, the inevitable decline of the nuclear power industry and more in its latest issue

LONDON, Sept. 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ethiopia was the world’s fastest-growing economy in 2017, but over recent years, historic issues in sub-Saharan Africa have too often obscured the story of the country’s remarkable economic progress.

While Ethiopia faces systemic problems around its infrastructure and energy, its charismatic leader, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, is expected to propel the country to new heights. Elizabeth Matsangou explains why Ethiopia is poised to become a regional hub in terms of manufacturing, transportation, energy and economic leadership in the latest edition of World Finance magazine.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Barclay Ballard examines Germany’s reluctance to increase military spending. Although the country possess the European Union’s largest economy, biggest population and most substantial trade surplus, the shadow of Germany’s history looms over its military. However, facing hostility from Russia and an isolationist agenda from the US, Europe may well need a strong German military to help maintain stability.

Meanwhile, Courtney Goldsmith weighs the benefits of nuclear power against the rising costs of the complex technology. With the price of wind and solar power plummeting, can the world’s decarbonisation goals be achieved without taking on the huge cost of new nuclear projects?

Topics covered elsewhere in the autumn issue of World Finance include whether impact bonds can be a sustainable way to finance international development programmes, what the post-Castro era has in store for Cuba’s economy and how one Russian bank has prospered in an industry full of enormous challenges.

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