NordiaSoft selected by IMBEL to provide its SCA solutions for their Next Generation of Tactical Radios

Gatineau, Quebec, CANADA

Gatineau, Québec, Sept. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NordiaSoft today announced that it was selected by the Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil (IMBEL) to provide its Software Communications Architecture (SCA) solutions for the development of their new generation of tactical radios.

"We are continuously focused on improving the capabilities of our future tactical communications systems, and the NordiaSoft eCo Suite for SCA version 4.1 provides us with the environment we need to speed up the development of our next generation Software Defined Radios (SDRs). We rely on the eCo Suite to address all the SCA requirements that enhance the portability of our waveforms" said Maj.  Gustavo Loss,  Project Manager of the Multiband Tactical Radio Program.

The NordiaSoft Embedded Components (eCo) Suite for SCAv4.1 development includes tools to create SCA models, automatically generate all associated source code, monitor and debug SCA systems, and to allow any type of HMI to control the SDR. The NordiaSoft eCo Suite also includes an SCA Core Framework and a full list of SCA Devices implementing the Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) and the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnF) APIs. 

 "NordiaSoft is pleased to contribute to the development of the future SDR capabilities of the Brazilian Armed Forces", said Claude Bélisle, CEO of NordiaSoft. "The SCA is the most advanced open specification for Software Defined Systems (SDS). We work closely with industry and R&D labs to always remain at the forefront of the technology. We provide COTS solutions that allows our users to concentrate on their filed of expertise, reducing costs and accelerating time to production" continued Mr. Bélisle. 

About NordiaSoft
NordiaSoft offers products and services for those who need to create state of the art software defined systems as used in the telecommunications, aerospace, radar, electronic warfare, robotics, transportation and instrumentation domains.


IMBEL is a Brazilian Public Company under the Ministry of Defense through the Army Command. The IMBEL manufactures communication systems, weapons, ammunition, explosives and other important items and equipment for the areas of defense and security.



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