CRUZANI Strategy for Growth Explained to Shareholders

SEC S-1 Filing and Operational Progress Combine to Increase Momentum

ATLANTA, Sept. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CRUZANI Inc. (formerly U.S. Highland)  (OTC:UHLN),  a business development company that builds and acquires franchise concepts, as well as other related businesses, throughout the United States and internationally, recaps for shareholders its growth and development strategy, following CRUZANI’s recent SEC Form S-1 filing.

CRUZANI CEO, Everett Dickson, explains: “The purpose of this news release is to provide context to recent developments, explain how they relate to our strategic plan and to illustrate how and why CRUZANI is well-positioned for success. We are a fully reporting and audited SEC issuer.  Our public filings are extensive, and so they can be difficult to digest.  We’d like to help CRUZANI shareholders see how the pieces fit together.  CRUZANI is making significant progress.  This needs to be understood, because our present market-cap does not reflect the fundamental value of the company, even in conservative terms.”

CRUZANI’s September 20th S-1 filing moves CRUZANI toward lower cost capital for growth.  The filing describes an “equity line” in which control over dilution rests with CRUZANI, not with third parties. Equity subscriptions under the S-1 will occur only if CRUZANI requests them. The subscriptions would be at a 15% discount to market, which is less dilutive than Regulation A+ financing or other methods used in the alternative reporting guideline tiers.  For an approved S-1 to be implemented, CRUZANI would need to elevate its OTC Markets quotation tier to the QB level and have a minimum trading price of $0.01.  These are conditions favourable to shareholders.  A possible reverse split referenced in the S-1 is not obligatory. It would only be necessary if we can’t otherwise achieve the required share price, we would like to avoid that. In the event, a reverse was necessary there is a minimum of 40 days public notice. The S-1 filing demonstrates CRUZANI’s commitment to rise to higher trading tiers and to attain more sophisticated investment industry engagement.

CRUZANI’s completed acquisition of key assets of Supreme Sweets Inc through CRUZANI subsidiary Oventa Foods in Q2 2018 was transformational for CRUZANI.  It laid an operational foundation for CRUZANI that is real, immediate and substantial.  In this way CRUZANI realized a net accretive benefit to its balance sheet of over $6 Million. CRUZANI now occupies a 39,000 sq. ft. food production facility, with experienced management.  Oventa’s opening sales of approximately $1 Million, annualized, are slated for rapid growth following a plant certification program, to be paid for from capital to be raised through the S1.  Post certification, the business plan sets out a $25 Million annual sales goal by leveraging interest that has already been expressed by existing Class A food retailers and wholesalers to buy more from the company.  CRUZANI/Oventa Foods now has the physical ability, via operational facilities, to deliver at the $25 Million level of production and sales level, profitably at that scale. This is a breakthrough for CRUZANI shareholders in 2018.

CRUZANI’s pending acquisition of Recipe Food Co represents Phase 2 of CRUZANI’s strategic development.  The acquisition extends CRUZANI’s reach beyond “packaged” baked-goods and confection to a synergistic presence in the burgeoning health-conscious QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) sector.  This sector has strong franchise potential.  Recipe Foods will serve as a working prototype and springboard for continuous concept developments and testing via paying customers for CRUZANI/Recipe’s served meals.  The first CRUZANI/Recipe location is now open in a desirable downtown Toronto location.  It will extend its operating hours to include dinner service and evening operation soon, upon receipt of its liquor license.  It is anticipated that the prototype location will thereafter achieve approximately $1 Million in profitable annualized revenue within the first year of operation.  CRUZANI/Recipe catering expertise and clientele already exists that will augment the operation’s revenue capability, and public relations potential further.  Recipe Food’s catering clients include well-known and respected corporations and public figures.  CRUZANI/Oventa Foods and CRUZANI/Recipe are complimentary in their cross promotional sales, marketing and production opportunities.

Mr. Dickson adds: “From our headquarters in Atlanta, and with vibrant operations already in Toronto, North America’s 4th largest city, we physically span a North American marketplace, in the multi-trillion food products and services industry.  It’s an exciting field.  There is huge appetite by consumers for innovation and room for new trend-drivers. CRUZANI is putting together a team with exceptional commitment, track-record, physical facilities and existing customer relationships. CRUZANI is now generating a continuous flow of developments.  These will be communicated to shareholders across additional communication platforms to be launched soon.  Within a week, our Facebook and Twitter portals will be operational.  I will launch my CEO Blog soon giving UHLN shareholders an easy, quick destination for straight talk about events, our progress and context for developments. It’s all good!”

In March, 2018, US Highland/CRUZANI also announced that it had acquired 100% of an Atlanta based health-conscious, QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) concept, which will offer consumers a healthy diverse menu made with fresh organic ingredients daily. These range from flatbread sandwiches, bowls, wraps and salads to fresh proteins such as chicken, turkey, steak and falafel.  Those entrees will also be available in pre-packaged “meal plans,” for take-out.  That brand plans to expand in the U.S. Southeast.

About CRUZANI Inc.

CRUZANI is a business development company that builds and represents popular franchise concepts throughout the United States and internationally, with an emphasis on food and wellness. Our management team selects up and coming concepts with substantial growth potential. With diminishing territory available to older franchise brands, we bring fresh innovative brands to consumers that have great potential.  All of our brands are unique in nature by focusing on niche markets with untapped potential for development.

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