Everest and Diamond Fortress Technologies, Inc., Announce Exclusive Partnership to Enroll Millions of Users onto the Everest Platform

Exclusive Agreement Leverages Unique Touchless Fingerprint Scanning Capabilities

Poway, California, UNITED STATES

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everest, a biometry-based, value transfer company, and Diamond Fortress Technologies (“DFT”), provider of touchless fingerprint biometric software for mobile devices, today announced an exclusive long-term technology license agreement. This agreement fortifies Everest as the exclusive blockchain platform for Diamond Fortress’ technology and, conversely, DFT as the sole provider of fingerprint authentication for the Everest platform. Fingerprint authentication has a multitude of uses, including banking, identity verification and access control.

“We are thrilled to partner with Everest to help secure a platform which is establishing an easy-to-explain and easy-to-use method of securely distributing resources to those in need,” said Chace Hatcher, CEO and founder of Diamond Fortress Technologies.

“This agreement gives us the ability to offer touchless fingerprint scanning capabilities so our partners only need to invest in mobile phones, dramatically reducing the cost to field and operate biometric identification systems,” said Bob Reid, CEO and co-founder of Everest. “We are excited to partner with Diamond Fortress Technologies to leverage their pioneering work, deep knowledge and unique patented technologies in our products. Together, we’re solving the world’s identity crisis.”

The Everest platform will leverage the Diamond Fortress’ ONYX® touchless fingerprinting technology to enable individual identity verification while only using a mobile phone’s camera. Other implementers of DFT’s ONYX® software development kit will have the option of enrolling users to Everest, creating their own EverWallet and EverID with integrated KYC (know-your-customer) compliance. Diamond Fortress and Everest will work together during their long-term agreement to continually improve their combined solution and bring it to additional platforms.

Everest, founded in 2016, is a leader in biometric identification, digital wallet and distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies. Everest offers an integrated suite of tools to deliver a full eBanking platform, including EverID, which provides identity verification using biometry, government IDs, third-party integrations and community endorsements; EverWallet, which delivers secure value storage and a document repository; and EverChain, which records all transactions to a cost-effective and massively scalable blockchain. These three tools work together to deliver services such as identity verification, remittances, micro-finance, document storage, and medical records to individuals globally. These services securely deliver and account for goods, services, or currency sent around the world by partner organizations.

Diamond Fortress was established in 2012, and has cemented itself as a leader in the touchless fingerprint scanning industry with granted patents protecting its core technology. The mobile touchless fingerprinting technology, ONYX®, has performed over 30M authentications on more than 2.5M different devices and on approximately 2,700 different device models. It is being used on mobile networks on six continents (204 countries), and is able to work on most smartphones and tablets with a camera resolution of 2.5 megapixels or higher.

About Diamond Fortress Technologies
Diamond Fortress Technologies, Inc is the first company to successfully develop a mobile touchless fingerprint biometrics software solution. DFT’s patented technology ONYX® uses the rear-facing camera found on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as the fingerprint collection sensor. ONYX® eliminates the need for hardware peripherals or device form-factor redesign for scanner integration. It brings the high security and authentication of biometrics to people across the globe in a cost-effective and easily adoptable way. http://www.diamondfortress.com/

About Everest
Everest is an economic and value transfer platform, anchored in biometric identity, which is the world’s only device-free, globally accessible, self-sovereign digital wallet and payment solution. By leveraging blockchain and distributed storage technologies, Everest empowers banks, governments, NGOs, hospitals, businesses and other institutions to transparently and effectively exchange value with hard to reach users, especially the 5 billion users without smartphones, all while giving users the most control and privacy in the market. App developers leverage Everest’s platform for services like remittances, micro-finance, micro-insurance, payroll, cash transfer, KYC/AML, land, medical records, etc. For more information, visit www.everest.org

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