Extensis Makes the “Voice of the Customer” Actionable in Software Development Process with Revulytics Usage Analytics

Releasing important new product features based on data about what customers actually do

WALTHAM, Mass., Sept. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Revulytics, Inc., a leading provider of software usage analytics for on-premise software, today announced that Extensis®, a developer of software and services for creative professionals and B2B workgroups, has chosen Revulytics® Usage Intelligence to bring data-driven “Voice of the Customer” to its development process.

More than 5,000 organizations and 100,000 professionals rely on Extensis software to increase their ROI from fonts, digital assets, and images. Operating worldwide, Extensis offers tools for large creative organizations, individual professionals, and prosumers, including client-based software serving large user bases.

“We are absolutely hooked on Revulytics data. It’s one of the first dashboards I fire up every morning to know exactly what’s going on, so we’re aware of problems sooner, and opportunities, too,” said Toby Martin, vice president of development and strategy, Extensis. “Before Revulytics, we had no data to support our intuitive sense of how customers used our applications and as we shifted towards agile methodologies, we required a more quantitative way to echo the customer’s voice in development, prioritize features more effectively, and understand more about our use cases. Working with Revulytics, we’ve effectively utilized data to drive change, innovation, and customer voice in all our existing products. From our mass market products to our server-based offerings, we’ve released important new capabilities, largely based on Revulytics data about what customers actually do. Even though customers have known us for a long time in a well-established marketplace, Revulytics data helps us continue to push the envelope and create new value.”

Extensis is capturing comprehensive, anonymous usage data about features, customers’ file types and manipulations, browser and system configurations, and other aspects of user behavior. It has augmented and replaced costly customer surveys, homegrown data sources, and unnecessary reporting tools, resulting in savings of $10,000-$20,000 per product release, with future anticipated savings in feature development.

Extensis systematically compared three technology options for quantifying user behavior and chose Revulytics based on its strong technology, the best availability of data, the most helpful best practice guides and samples, and a superior pre-purchase and post-purchase experience. Martin adds, “Implementing and working with Revulytics Usage Intelligence was easier than I expected. We rolled out Revulytics software usage analytics across three development teams simultaneously, and they all had it embedded by their next release.”

Extensis taught a select group of users, and made them “trusted advisors” to teach their teams, thereby democratizing usage of Revulytics across the organization. These trusted advisors now often share code and techniques wherever multiple teams need to solve similar problems.

“By implementing Revulytics’ standardized technical stack for usage data across the development organization, Extensis has eliminated diverse reporting systems, inconsistent data sources, unnecessary tools, and the management overhead that had previously accompanied these,” said Keith Fenech, vice president, software analytics, Revulytics. “If you’re not analyzing how your users are actually engaging with your software, you’re missing valuable insight. Extensis has proven that software usage analytics gives you powerful insight to build better products, convert trial users, and retain customers.”

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