EAB Announces Pipeline Analytics for College Enrollment Leaders

New machine learning technology helps colleges identify and recruit the students they need—and support those students through the first day of school

Washington, District of Columbia, UNITED STATES

Salt Lake City, Sept. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, at the 2018 National Association for College Admission Counseling National Conference, EAB announced the launch of Pipeline Analytics, a cutting edge platform that provides enrollment leaders with real-time, interactive insights into how likely individual students are to apply, accept, and attend their institutions. The solution also helps administrators and staff identify the timing and types of messages that will influence the students they want to enroll and support incoming students through the first day of class.

EAB Pipeline Analytics relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning, insights from EAB’s more than 1.5 billion annual student interactions across virtually the entire domestic college-bound high school student population, and the firm’s extensive best practice research to produce more than just timely forecasts for enrollment leaders. The solution provides administrators and staff with the intelligence they need to adjust their student recruitment strategies immediately and seamlessly to create diverse classes, engage students with different academic profiles, or grow enrollments overall.

Moreover, in combination with EAB’s market-leading student success management system, Pipeline Analytics enables enrollment staff to identify students who will arrive on campus less likely to persist to sophomore year. Enrollment leaders can then help improve persistence by connecting those students to advisors even before school starts.

“Colleges and universities face an increasingly unpredictable enrollment environment, a decrease in the traditional college-going population in some areas of the country, heightened competition, and more students accessing higher education who are the first in their families to go to college. These changes bring intense challenges that are rendering traditional recruitment methods insufficient,” said Chris Marett, President, EAB Enrollment Services.

“Enrollment managers need an accurate picture of what their classes will look like, the tools to identify and influence right-fit students before it’s too late, and the ability to partner with the academy to improve student persistence.”

Many schools are looking to attract new student populations, such as students from different areas of the country or traditionally underrepresented demographics, to prevent enrollment shortfalls and increase various forms of diversity. Pipeline Analytics aggregates and analyzes previously siloed sources of students’ demographic and engagement data to determine the most effective content, channels, and timing to communicate with historically untapped or underserved groups of prospective students.

Pipeline Analytics complements EAB’s other enrollment intelligence offerings—Student Search Campaigns, Application Marketing, and Financial Aid Optimization—as well as the company’s student success portfolio to provide schools with a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind suite of connected student lifecycle support tools and services.

“What’s most exciting here is the ability to leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide schools a unique, data-driven leg-up in today’s increasingly difficult student recruitment environment. With the power of this exciting new capability, I am confident that our college and university partners will experience ever-greater enrollment success in the coming years,” Marett continued.

For more information on how schools are relying on enrollment intelligence to recruit students and remain competitive, check out the EAB white paper Frontiers in Enrollment Analytics: Three Emerging Priorities for Evidence-Based Enrollment Management.

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