Corvil Highlights How AI-Powered Predictive Analytics Are Reshaping the Compliance Function at Deutsche Börse IT Conference 2018


- Firm showcasing its recently released self-service electronic trading intelligence solution ‘Intelligence Hub’ -

DUBLIN, Ireland, Sept. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Corvil today is highlighting the role of advanced technologies in building a resilient and robust compliance function in an address to delegates at Deutsche Börse IT conference 2018 in Eschborn, Germany.

The MiFID II RTS-9 requirement, which mandates that venues impose limits on order-to-transaction ratios, has created a challenge for the industry to account for something intraday that historically may have been managed on a daily or weekly basis.  Corvil will demonstrate how market participants can apply intelligent and automated insight to simplify intraday risk management.

The burdens of new regulations often force firms to evaluate new, bespoke technology development to satisfy specific requirements.  The associated opportunity cost of slowing more strategic initiatives and ongoing technology debt of managing and evolving these systems are high.  

Corvil seeks to alleviate this burden, reduce timeframes to meet regulatory obligations, and empower both compliance and business teams with flexible analytics.  Corvil’s Intelligence Hub provides both a streamlined solution and workflow for OTR risk management as well as an intuitive self-service capability to explore, analyze and visualize order, client, desk, instrument, counterparty, etc. activity so teams can directly answer additional questions as they arise.

Applying machine learning to precision real-time streaming wire data, Corvil Intelligence Hub learns firmwide daily trading behavior per instrument to provide predictive alerting of likely end-of-day OTR status, hours before materializing.  The drivers of excessive volume in individual instruments by venue can immediately be localized to sessions, desks, or strategies. In this way, compliance teams can take precise action to modify trading behavior to avoid violating exchange daily OTR limits. 

“Intraday management of something as dynamic as OTR can require new and costly processes and systems for participants,” said David Murray, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Corvil.  “Working with several Compliance and Business teams, Corvil has developed an innovative solution for intraday management of OTR-related compliance risks. This is a great example of how better data and leveraging AI for faster, more proactive insight can lower risk and improve compliance outcomes.”

For those attending the event Corvil’s EMEA and APAC Director of Technical Services, James Wylie, and its Director of Product Management, Matt Davey, are delivering a presentation titled: “Predictive alerting for order to trade ratio compliance” and will be available to share further insights.  Intelligence Hub is generally available as of this week.  Please contact your Corvil representative for more information.

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