Blockbonds Global PLC successfully list £15M debt offering on Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Kristiansand S, NORWAY

UK based Blockbonds Global PLC successfully list £15,000,000 BOND ISSUANCE PROGRAMME OF 9.0% SECURED BONDS DUE 2023 on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), with Line Management Services acting as GSX Listing Member.

The bonds with ISIN GB00BFZ63Y28 are offered at £10,000 nominal value per Bond, 9.0% coupon paid quarterly and a 5-year maturity. The total value of the issue is up to £15,000,000.

Blockbonds will use the net proceeds of the placement to finance the growth of its mobile banking application known as SPENN.

All further details related to the programme including subscription forms can be found in the Base Prospectus dated 24th September 2018 available at

About Blockbonds:
Blockbonds Global PLC is a subsidiary of Blockbonds AS, a Norwegian fintech company with a clear mission to unite the banked population with the unbanked. The target demographics are the 2 billion people living in developing countries, with limited or no access to financial services, and where trust for mobile banking is socially accepted and welcomed.

Blockbonds has developed SPENN, a mobile banking application utilizing the secure and transparent blockchain technology. SPENN gives everyone equal opportunities to manage their savings, payments and investments, completely free, and has already made an impact on hundreds of thousands of families around the world.

Jens Glaso
CEO & Founder   //   +47 40 40 47 50