LogZilla Announces World’s First Network Event Orchestrator Delivering Unrivaled Scale and Preduplication® for IT Teams

The LogZilla NEO Platform Delivers a Paramount Solution for Network and Security Teams to Combat Server Exhaustion and Eliminate Redundant Events with Zero Training Required


AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LogZilla, the leading vendor delivering network and security event orchestration, today announced availability of the LogZilla Network Event Orchestrator (NEO) platform for network, security, and IT teams worldwide. The LogZilla NEO platform delivers a paramount shift enabling network and security teams to be armed with the world’s fastest per-server network scaling and event preduplication features that decrease the number of network servers required to index data by over 97%. LogZilla makes available both its NEO Enterprise and its NEO FREE, a free version for those networks managing less than 500,000 events per day. With a mere single line of code for installation, today’s network and security teams reach operability in less than 15 minutes with zero training required, making the LogZilla NEO platform the most cost-effective network event orchestrator available.

Clayton Dukes, CEO, LogZilla, shares, “Enterprises are demanding that vendors address their entire IT organizational challenges versus single remedies. By listening to network operations teams’ frustration surrounding server exhaustion, painful scaling limitations, and the massive volumes of redundant events for network and security operations teams, we knew we had to rethink the problem and solve our customers’ challenges and priorities together, at the core, and not individually.” Dukes continues, “LogZilla NEO is the most affordable event orchestration platform that finally bridges the gap between IT and Management.”

LogZilla NEO

  • Fastest Per-Server Scaling: Indexing at 250,000 events per second, per server (11 terabytes per day), delivers the fastest, most-scalable solution in the world.
  • Patented Event Preduplication: Preduplication is available only through LogZilla—by preduplicating data, network and security teams prevent server-exhaustion and server limits while eliminating event redundancy.
  • Automation Built-In: Custom rules and event enrichment built-in enables complete operability in less than 15 minutes after install.
  • Zero Training: Using a single line of code for install, NEO continues its mission of simplicity with no training required.

Richard Piotrowski, CFO, LogZilla, further discusses the market pain, “Current market solutions require the addition of costly servers for growth, but not a single vendor provides a solution on the front-end addressing scale and preduplication. Because enterprises simply can’t afford to keep throwing servers, people, and time to address data spikes or cyber threats, NEO is the only cost-effective solution that can grow with your business.”

Available today, new customers can download NEO Enterprise or NEO FREE directly from LogZilla or through authorized LogZilla Partners+. You can also register for the Meet NEO Podcast to learn how the LogZilla Network Event Orchestrator platform is elevating network and security operations teams’ biggest challenges.

About LogZilla
LogZilla is the leader in delivering real-time network insight with an intelligent network event orchestration platform. The LogZilla Network Event Orchestrator (NEO) platform enables IT teams to identify network challenges preemptively with unrivaled scalability, patented preduplication, and automation features. Fortune 1,000 enterprises including Cisco, IBM, VMware, Orange Telecom, and Vodafone use LogZilla to gain real-time network insight. Learn more at http://www.logzilla.net and follow us @LogZilla.


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