Rodney Strong Wine Estates Announces Launch of Rowen Wine Company

Healdsburg, California, Oct. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tom Klein, Proprietor of Rodney Strong Wine Estates and a third-generation California farmer, today unveiled Rowen Wine Company, a new venture that celebrates the pioneering American West and a bold and innovative approach to winemaking. Rowen Wine Company is a study in terroir focused on the Cooley Ranch, a remote and historic property high atop undulating mountains around a glistering lake in the northern reaches of Sonoma County.

Klein, through familial relationship with the Cooley Family, began discussions in 2002 to return parts of the ranch to vineyards, echoing its rich history dating back to the 1800s. This challenging endeavor began with detailed studies of the microclimates, soils, and elevations throughout the property by two of the most respected soil scientists in the world, Paul Anamosa and Daniel Roberts. The result is 200 amazing acres planted and sustainably farmed on highly desirable metamorphic greenstone soils, at ideal elevations with perfect aspects to the sun.

“The majesty and scenic beauty, along with the unlimited potential for growing high-elevation wine, make Cooley Ranch the most exciting and unique property I’ve ever seen,” says Klein. “We knew the land was something special when we first glanced upon it, and we consider it a privilege to make wine from this spot.”

The Rowen Wine Company portfolio is comprised of three brands: the eponymous Rowen, celebrating the art of the blend; and a duo of Cabernet-inspired reds, 2040 and 600L. Each is crafted by winemaker Justin Seidenfeld exclusively from the Cooley Ranch and fermented in a state-of-the-art wine cellar, called “The Boneyard.”

Rowen Red Blend

In farming parlance, a “rowen” is an unexpected windfall or pleasant surprise, which is fitting for this unique synthesis of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Syrah co-fermented with Viognier. With the flagship Rowen Red Blend, winemaker Justin Seidenfeld leans into the freedoms of blending together different combinations of mountain-grown grape varietals, flavors, and textures with each vintage.


2040 is inspired by our passion to create wines from high-elevation vineyards, wines reflective of the apex of the land, with sights set on the highest peaks of northern Sonoma County. Comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon from the highest point of Cooley Ranch at 2,040 feet above sea level, 2040 is a lens in to the terroir of the rugged Sky High block of Cooley Ranch.  


Named for the fermentation vessel, a custom-made 600-liter barrel, 600L is the result of setting winemaker Justin Seidenfeld free to craft the wine of his dreams, with absolutely no constraints. Sourced from only twelve rows of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot from the Cooley Ranch and crafted in minuscule quantities, 600L is quite simply excellence, refined.

Rowen Wine Company plans to add other wines and brands to its lineup in the years ahead, with each promising to surprise and inspire the senses.

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About Rodney Strong Wine Estates

Rodney Strong Wine Estates is a family-owned wine company that includes Rodney Strong Vineyards, Davis Bynum Winery, and Rowen Wine Company. Rodney Strong sustainably farms 14 estate vineyards and produces wines from Sonoma County’s finest appellations – Alexander Valley, Russian River Valley, Chalk Hill, Dry Creek Valley, Knights Valley, Petaluma Gap, and Sonoma Coast. The winery was founded in 1959 by Sonoma County wine pioneer Rodney D. Strong as the 13th bonded winery in the county. The company aspires to conserve and protect the environment in all its operations through sustainable practices, solar power, and fish-friendly farming. The Klein family, a fourth generation California farming family, entered the wine business with the purchase of Rodney Strong Vineyards in 1989.

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