Go Epic Health Updates on Cholesterade® Case Studies and Clinical Research

St. Petersburg, FL, Oct. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Today, Leone Asset Management (OTC PINK: LEON) announced their subsidiary Go Epic Health is commencing additional Case Studies and Clinical Research on their all-natural cholesterol lowering product Cholesterade®.

James Price, CEO of Go Epic Health, stated, “We are extremely excited to update our shareholders and the general public about additional studies being performed to show the efficacy of Cholesterade® for cholesterol reduction.”  

Cholesterade® was originally created by the late Dr. J. Robert Cade, the inventor of Gatorade®, to lower his cholesterol levels.  Dr. Cade was taking statin drugs for the problem but suffered from major side effects from the use.  Therefore, he decided to create an all-natural alternative.  Once created, Dr. Cade performed an initial case study and found the results to be amazing amongst the group.  Without making any other lifestyle changes study participants saw a reduction in triglycerides of 50%, a reduction of bad cholesterol or LDL of 21.3% and a rise of good cholesterol or HDL of 12.9% in an 8-week period.

To further prove the efficacy of the product, Go Epic Health engaged Dr. Richard Goldfarb to complete a new proof of concept study.  Prior to the study, we made a couple of minor improvements to the original formula by adding a specific and proprietary enzyme blend as well as an all-natural and patent pending delivery system to improve the efficacy of the product.  In the same 8-week period, Dr. Goldfarb found improved results due to the enhanced formula.  In this study, participants saw a reduction in bad cholesterol or LDL of 25% and increase in good cholesterol or HDL of 13% and a reduction in Triglycerides of 53%. 

Price continued, “As any prudent company would do, we are completing additional and multiple studies within different study groups to prove not only short-term results but the long-term benefits of Cholesterade® with in different types of participants.

“The first of our new studies has been filed with WIRB (study number 1188721).  This is a multi-center double blind study to test the lipid lowering effects and Cardiovascular benefits of Cholesterade® on a long-term basis with quarterly results being published.  This study will be completed at the Center of Prevention and Wellness in Memphis Tennessee.

“Secondly, we will be doing an additional study which the specific protocol will also be filed with the WIRB.  This study will be a short-term 90-day study to test the lipid lowering effects and Cardiovascular benefits of Cholesterade® within a post-cardiac event group.  This investigation will be conducted at The Cardiac and Vascular Institute Research Foundation under the direct supervision of Dr. Chris Caputo in Gainesville, Florida.  We anticipate this study to commence by year end.

“Lastly, we are commencing an additional study which will also be a short-term 90-day study with a more advanced look into a more detailed lipid panel to include the efficacy of Cholesterade® on LDL particles within the blood as well as other markers.  This study will include a large group of only female participants and will be conducted by Dr. Nitza Alvarez at the Tri-County Heart Institute in The Villages, Florida.  We anticipate this study to commence by year end as well.

“With heart disease being the largest killer in our country, it is the anticipation and the hope of the entire Go Epic team that the use of Cholesterade® in our daily diets will have a major impact on the heart health of our nation and of the world. We believe at the conclusion of these studies, the new and published data will create a very large amount of additional educational and proven data for the world to know the efficacy and the benefits of Cholesterade® on naturally lowering cholesterol.”  

About Leone Asset Management

Leone Asset Management, Inc., is a multi-national, multi-industry conglomerate with subsidiary companies that operate in Health and Wellness, Infrastructure development and agriculture management. For additional information, visit: www.leoneasset.com.

About Go Epic Health

Go Epic Health, a Leone Asset Management subsidiary, is a nutritional product holding company which owns the intellectual property and worldwide manufacturing and distribution rights to Cholesterade®, a natural cholesterol reducing product created by the late Dr. Robert Cade, creator of Gatorade®. Go Epic Health markets and distributes Cholesterade® as well as other new and innovative consumer goods through the retail pharmacy chain stores, drug and health food stores and product specific catalogs. For further information, please visit www.goepichealth.com  and www.cholesterade.com.

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