Metroplex Management Group Prepares for Another Outstanding 4th Quarter

An overview of what this notable marketing firm has in store to finish 2018 strong

Dallas, TX, Oct. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Metroplex Management Group continues to surpass great milestone’s while expanding across the nation with their independent marketing strategies.

This year has provided a great opportunity for our representatives and corporate trainers to progress as leaders.  At the second-quarter of this year, our former Brand Ambassador successfully expanded to Denver, Colorado as an independent business owner. Market Manager and Former NFL football player, Kestahn Moore, recently came back to the DFW area after helping with the expansion of the Phoenix office with goals to extend the Dallas market.

“I started as a rep in May 2017, and when I started we were only representing one client,” said Kestahn Moore, Director of Operations “After the merge we got access to AT&T. Once I was an Assistant Director we took on the Just Energy Campaign, eventually progressing into what we are today- an integrated part of worldwide retailers.

MMG plans to continue expanding and progressing throughout the DFW area.  There will be offices opening in McKinney and Frisco soon. In August we were able to effectively extend to California in order to introduce and launch a solar campaign. In addition to expansions, the marketing firm has recently launched their mobility campaign- which has provided our representatives with greater growth and further product diversity.

“Mobility has allowed all of our employees to have more products to offer, “said Bill Bishop, CEO of Metroplex Management Group. “This gives us full access to some of the largest clients in the world.”


Our mission is to build connections between our clients and their potential customers by creating a standard of excellence and providing top notch service while fostering our teams’ growth through a rewarding and progressive environment.

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