MobiledgeX Joins the Telecom Infra Project’s EDGE APPLICATION DEVELOPER Project GROUP


MobiledgeX, Deutsche Telekom and Intel Taking Leading Roles in Launch of New TIP Project Group Focused on Enabling Developers to Build the Next Generation of Mobile Applications on Operators’ Edge Infrastructure

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telecom Infra Project (TIP), a collaborative telecom community aimed at accelerating the pace of innovation in the telecom industry, announced today a new project group, led by Deutsche Telekom, MobiledgeX and Intel, focused on developing publicly available, vendor neutral APIs and software tools to enable mobility-centric functions, powered by mobile operator edge infrastructure. 

“MobiledgeX is excited to be a founding member and leader of the Edge Application Developer Project group within TIP,” said Sunay Tripathi, CTO and EVP of Engineering at MobiledgeX. “Open APIs and SDKs that provide access to edge infrastructure resources are what will empower developers to build the apps and devices of tomorrow, bringing pervasive and immersive experiences to end users.”

The vision of the Edge Application Developer Project group is to maintain the current cloud experience by leaving the backend of an existing application in the central cloud but automating and auto scaling out of the web tier (application front end) to the edge locations nearest to the client in a way that is device, operating system, and language agnostic.

Mobility-centric functions such as identity and trusted location, predictive quality of experience, dynamic grouping for multiplayer or multi-device applications (e.g. drones) are key outputs of the open APIs and SDKs referenced by Sunay. Developer demand for such functionality is already apparent in the market with companies like Niantic, creator of leading Augmented Reality games like Pokémon GO, announcing last week their intentions to partner with Deutsche Telekom and MobiledgeX to revolutionize user experiences with the power of edge infrastructure and services.

MobiledgeX plans to use a permissive open source software license, Apache 2.0, so a developer can release a modified version of the licensed product under any license of the developer's choice.

“The investment of $1.7 trillion in mobile infrastructure over the last 10 years led to the creation of roughly $20 trillion in industry revenues and in the post cloud era in telecom, we expect similar levels of investment in the next decade but the potential value created will grow 2-3x compared to the last decade,” says Chetan Sharma, CEO of Chetan Sharma Consulting.

Until now, the application developer world had largely been isolated from the mobile telecom world. This initiative is focused on ensuring accessibility to the massive existing and future investments and subsequent capabilities. Bringing developers, global mobile operators, and technology ecosystem partners together in a new way is what leaders of the Edge Application Developer Project group believe makes this endeavor so important and pivotal.

“We see edge computing as a great business opportunity. Telcos have a unique advantage in this space - the tight integration with the network. This enables, for example, next generation augmented reality applications. We are very excited to support MobiledgeX in building the Edge Application Developer community in TIP to help developers take advantage of the global edge,” said Axel Clauberg, VP of IP End to End & Infrastructure Cloud at Deutsche Telekom.

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