Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) A Sustainable Building Material, to Witness a CAGR of 8.0% during 2018 – 2024

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NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global autoclaved aerated concrete market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.0% during 2018 – 2024 to reach USD 9808.91 Million by 2024. Factors propelling the growth of autoclaved aerated concrete market include increased emphasis on green and sound proof buildings, light weight of material and cost-effective building solution, and reduced additional material use with minimized waste and pollution. The report segments the autoclaved aerated concrete market by Type (Blocks, Panels, Tiles, Lintels, and Others), by Application (Construction Material, Roof Insulation, Roof Sub Bases, Bridge Sub-Structures, Concrete Pipes, Void Filling, and Others) by End-User (Commercial Building, Residential Building, Civil and Others), and by Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Middle East and Africa). The report studies the global autoclaved aerated concrete market over the forecast period (2018-2024).

Autoclaved aerated concrete, also known as autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC) and autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC), is a precast building material which is thermally insulating, easily shaped, highly workable, fire resistant, acoustically insulating, water and mold resistant, and can be used in both   and non-structural applications. It is an ultra-light concrete masonry product offering superior workability, durability, and flexibility. AAC consists of basic materials such as sand, cement, fly ash, lime, aluminum powder paste, gypsum, and water. The chemical reaction between aluminum paste and alkaline elements in the cement provides AAC with lightness, distinct porous structure, and insulation properties which are completely different from other lightweight concrete materials.

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Key Findings from Global Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Market

  • On the basis of type, AAC blocks segment was dominating the autoclaved aerated concrete market, in 2017. Demand for AAC panel type is anticipated to grow significantly in the coming years and is expected to register the highest CAGR, during the forecast period. The AAC panels provides fast, flexible, and cost-effective building solutions, meeting the requirements of residential, commercial and industrial sectors are the factors expected to boost the growth of global autoclaved aerated concrete market

  • On the basis of application, construction material segment was holding the largest share of autoclaved aerated concrete market in terms of both value and volume, in 2017 and is forecasted to dominate the autoclaved aerated market, throughout the forecast period. The properties of AAC provides an edge over traditional clay bricks and is widely promoted and developed by many countries, has become material of choice as construction material

  • Bridge sub-structure application of autoclaved aerated concrete is anticipated to be the fastest growing application segment of global autoclaved aerated market in terms of both value and volume, during the forecast period. The growth of AAC application in bridge sub-structure segment is attributed to its popularity in European countries

  • On the basis of end-user, the infrastructure segment was holding the largest share of global autoclaved aerated concrete market, in 2017 and is expected to sustain its position, during the forecast period. However, the residential building segment is anticipated to witness the highest   growth, during the forecast period. AAC reduces the building cost and increases the quality of the residential building. Additionally, the growing demand for green and sound proof residential building is fostering the demand for AAC in residential buildings

  • Geographically, Asia-Pacific region was leading the autoclaved aerated concrete market, in 2017 and is anticipated to be the fastest growing market for autoclaved aerated concrete, over the forecast period. Rise in purchasing power of population, rapid urbanization, increasing population, and government initiatives to provide affordable housing are expected to boost the demand for AAC across emerging economies such as China, India, and South Korea

  • Key players in autoclaved aerated concrete market are Xella Group, Isoltech Srl, H+H International, Cematix, Aerix Industries, SOLBET Capital Group, ACICO Industries Company, Aircrete Europe, Eastland Building Materials Co. Ltd., Laston Italiana S.P.A, UltraTech Cement Ltd., AERCON AAC, Biltech Building Elements Ltd.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete- Environmental Benefits

AAC has manufacturing, embodied energy and greenhouse gas emission impacts similar to those of concrete based on weight, though it is one-quarter to one-fifth that of concrete based on volume. AAC products or building solutions have lower embodied energy per square meter than a concrete alternative. Additionally, AACs much higher insulation value reduces energy consumption required for heating and cooling. AAC possess significant environmental advantages over conventional building materials, such as insulation, longevity, and structural demands in one material. Total energy consumption for producing ACC is less than half of what it takes to produce other building material. AAC helps to reduce at least 30% of environmental waste than traditional concrete. Moreover, a decrease of 50% of greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved. Autoclaved aerated concrete is a better choice for the environment, and meeting the requirement for the construction of green buildings.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Market- Regional Insight

Asia-Pacific was holding the largest market share of autoclaved aerated concrete market, in 2017 and is anticipated to dominate the market, throughout the forecast period. Further, Asia-Pacific’s autoclaved aerated concrete market is anticipated to grow at a significant rate and register the highest CAGR, during the forecast period. Increasing disposable incomes, increased affordability of innovative, green projects, and rising environment-related awareness are the factors contributing towards the growth of Asia-Pacific’s autoclaved aerated concrete market. Emerging economies such as China and India are consuming a high volume of AAC products, majorly attributed to the growing population and rapid rate of urbanization is leading to an increase in the number of building construction projects. Europe was the second largest market for autoclaved aerated concrete, in 2017 and is anticipated to maintain its position throughout the forecast period. The European autoclaved aerated concrete market is expected to witness moderate growth over the forecast period. The major factor driving the growth of AAC market in this region is the growing demand for light weight and green building construction.

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