Corvil says Data Analytics and AI are Brokerages’ Alpha Tools for Putting the Client at the Heart of the Service


- Corvil to showcase advanced technologies for redefining customer experience management at FIA Expo Chicago -

CHICAGO, Illinois, Oct. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As industry leaders gather in Chicago this week for the 34th Annual Futures and Options Expo, Corvil will highlight how brokerages, who are rethinking their strategies to stand out from the stiff competition for servicing order flow, can leverage AI and data analytics to enhance client intelligence and experience to successfully compete for traders’ business.

Nowadays the average trading firm has relationships with more than a dozen brokers and shifts its execution flow between firms.  Amid a cacophony of macro environmental factors such as unpredictable revenues, growing competition and evolving regulatory compliance demands that continue to drive disruption in capital markets, sell-side firms are in a race to acquire new capabilities to meet the growing list of client expectations.  A recent Greenwich Associates report, which revealed brokers expect 48 percent of clients to ask for customized order handling logic next year, illustrates this shift towards a new era of client centric service delivery.  

Corvil’s new AI-powered data analytics and electronic trading business intelligence solution, Intelligence Hub, delivers the insight to optimize execution quality, client experience and operations.  It provides real-time visibility into client order activity and outcomes, enabling brokers to identify strategies and services to help clients achieve their goals as well as service differentiation by providing the much demanded transparency about service execution.

Intelligence Hub delivers powerful and rapid big data analytics insights to business and operational users without the traditional lengthy timelines and costs. It correlates and understands changes in the critical dimensions of trading outcomes, financial performance, client experience, and underlying trade plant technology performance that are required to effectively manage electronic execution businesses.  Machine learning-driven anomaly detection provides early warning alerting on changes in client activity, flows fill rates, rejects, etc. to empower brokers to be more proactive at remediation, service optimization, and client management.

By allowing diverse stakeholders across the trading business, compliance, and operations to flexibly explore, analyze, and visualize customer activity specific to their business remit, the solution delivers self-service, consumable analytics and insight to users who may not possess data science or analytics expertise.

“In today’s competitive trading landscape, to maximize order flow, brokers must provide both superior execution and transparency to their clients,” said David Murray, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Corvil.  “This requires them to have earlier insight into changes in client experience and outcome as well the ability to flexibly analyze activity by session, security, order type, venue, etc. to provide service differentiation and efficiencies.  Corvil Intelligence Hub is a powerful tool in the race to attract and build strong and lasting relationships and better execution quality.”

Rapid client and counterparty intelligence, operational optimization, venue analysis and intraday risk as well as compliance management are among the new wave of “Transaction Quality Analytics” Corvil will showcase at FIA Expo 2018, booth number 714, which takes place 16-18 October.  

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Corvil is the industry leader for deriving Security, Operational, and Business intelligence from network data. As companies adopt faster and smarter machine technology, it becomes critical to tap into richer and more granular machine data sources to safeguard the transparency, performance and security of critical infrastructure and business applications. The Corvil streaming analytics platform captures, decodes, and learns from network data on the fly, transforming it into machine-time intelligence for network, IT, security and business teams to operate efficiently and securely in this new machine world. Corvil uses an open architecture to integrate the power of its network data analytics with the overall IT ecosystem providing increased automation and greater operational and business value outcomes for its users. The Corvil solution is trusted by leading financial institutions to safeguard their businesses across the globe involving 354 trillion messages with a daily transaction value in excess of $1 trillion.

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