900 Jobs and Counting: Digital Works Reaches Major Milestone

Bowling Green, Ky., Oct. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Connected Nation is celebrating its 900th job placement through its Digital Works℠ (DW) program. This one-of-a-kind job-creation program, launched in 2013, was developed specifically to meet the growing demand for online and digitally trained workers.

“This is an extraordinary milestone for us, and we are very proud of the hard work and impact that it represents. Through the Digital Works program, we’ve been able to help people from all kinds of backgrounds and education levels find meaningful and exciting employment options in today’s fast-growing digital economy, regardless of their geography,” said Tom Ferree, Chairman & CEO, Connected Nation. “These 900 job placements include single moms, veterans, military spouses, the physically challenged, the formerly incarcerated, and so many others from rural and urban settings alike. All of them seeking highly mobile or flexible jobs, or who just needed an opportunity to change and improve their lives.”

Through the program, Connected Nation has provided job training and placement assistance in both rural and urban settings, including those hit hard by company closures or economic depression. 

Digital Works℠ has partnered with a network of more than 70 regional, national, and global employers that have an incredibly high demand for remote workers. The program delivers customized training so that students learn the in-demand skills that companies are searching for in today’s modern workforce.

“Remote jobs allow our graduates to apply and work at companies across the country without having to move,” said Stu Johnson, VP of Digital Works. “Digital and online jobs are the fastest-growing segments of the workforce. Yet there are not enough workers trained in customer service-specific skills employers are asking for in employees. Because of that, many of our graduates are able to be placed quickly and, often, move from entry-level positions to better-paying jobs as their careers progress.”

Our 900th graduate to find a job is Wendy Dickens. She is a military spouse who has three children. Dickens took part in the first classes offered specifically for military spouses and veterans in Elizabethtown, which is near Fort Knox, Kentucky. She worked hard and landed a remote job even before finishing the four-week class.

“Military spouses and veterans have unique needs when it comes to securing new jobs,” said Tammy Spring, Operations Manager for Digital Works℠ and the facilitator of the first classes in Elizabethtown. “Veterans who have not necessarily worked in a civilian setting can still excel with the right kind of support and guidance. Military spouses are often moving and need positions that can move with them. For example, Wendy has moved 11 times during her 22-year marriage. That’s once every two years.”

The program has graduates in seven states to-date: Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, and Kansas. Not only are students given the skills to work in a digital position, but Connected Nation’s staff also provides long-term support for graduates who are dealing with the unique challenges and opportunities of digital jobs and telework.

Digital Works℠ continues to evolve to meet the unique needs of each community. This includes a virtual program that’s proven successful in Greensburg, Kansas, and a one-week, Digital Works “boot camp” scheduled to take place in December 2018 at the Gallia County Ohio Jobs and Families Services event.

Go to digitworksjobs.com to learn more about bringing Digital Works℠ to your community today.

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Digital Works graduates took part in classes in October 2018 for military spouses and veterans in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. 

Back Row (left to right): Tammy Spring, DW Facilitator, Linda Hunter, Wendy Dickens, Bettina Johnson, and Suzann Pittman

Front Row (left to right): Debora Smith, Christine Mahoney, Summer Darby, and Paula Clark

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