TicketCity is Revolutionizing Online Ticket Buying

The original online ticket marketplace made major improvements to the ticket buying experience which make it easier for fans to buy tickets.


Austin, Texas, Oct. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TicketCity, the largest privately held ticket company in the world, has once again pushed the envelope forward in improving the online ticket buying experience. Channeling three decades of expertise into crafting an experience that helps customers feel confident they are getting the right ticket and offering a better buying experience than many of the goliaths in the ticket industry.

“We have always been motivated to make it easier for customers to buy tickets. Our team has made significant strides in achieving those objectives with the latest round of updates. We want to make it easier for our customers to buy tickets by bringing attention to the best options among the sometimes overwhelming number of tickets and make it easier to shop for tickets with your phone.“ - Zach Anderson, President at TicketCity

Notable improvements: 

  1. Tri-Color Ticket Highlights: Research shows that ticket shoppers focus on three things: the lowest priced ticket, finding the most valuable ticket or finding the tickets in lowest row of a section. TicketCity is the first ever ticket site to highlight those three options so they are readily visible for every section at the event. Since the launch of the tri-color ticket highlights, TicketCity has found that 2 out of every 3 shoppers puts a ticket in their cart that is either lowest price or top value. You can access an example of the tri-color ticket highlights within the release.
  2. TicketCity Value Score: The TicketCity Value Score rates the deals within each section so a customer can easily scan through the available tickets based on their three, four or five star rating. The rating score is based on the price for the whole venue and quality of the section and row. Seeing the value score is particularly helpful for shoppers on a mobile phone, who cannot easily use the large seating chart that TicketCity offers on our desktop site. Those shoppers using a mobile phone now account for over 60% of the traffic on the TicketCity website.
  3. Similar Sections Feature: Another key improvement was bringing forward the “similar sections” for each customer to choose from once they have selected a related section. Online ticket shoppers often become fixated on a single section at a venue, when often there are tickets they may enjoy more in a similar or neighboring section; sometimes at an even lower price.  TicketCity achieves this by programmatically listing similar sections and the starting price in those sections right beneath the section selection, allowing a shopper to easily check ticket availability in those other sections.
  4. Estimated fees built-in: To try to accomodate the needs of every shopper at TicketCity, while maintaining transparency regarding pricing, we offer the ability to show tickets priced with their estimated fees (minus shipping). To set-up this shopping experience you simply select that toggle from our filters on the event page. The addition of the estimated fees toggle was driven by the need for more clarity in the buying-process. 
  5. TicketCity Happy Hour Initiative: Another big first from TicketCity was the recent launch of the TicketCity Happy Hour which is the first of many offers customers will receive giving them the ability to shop with an additional discount during certain times of the day. Existing TicketCity customers, and those who are members of the TicketCity email list, receive advance notice of TicketCity Happy Hour dates.

“The TicketCity Happy Hour is part of our push to share some fun with our customers and show off our improved website and mobile-app.  We launched the TicketCity Happy Hour six-weeks ago and each week, on the day we host our Happy Hour, we see 20% of our total sales that day occur within that window.”  - Jim Howard, Vice President of Operations at TicketCity

TicketCity is not in the business of just selling tickets, but rather selling experiences that fans can take with them for a lifetime starting with the digital experience of discovering, purchasing and receiving tickets to live events around the world.  TicketCity launched this brand new event page experience with the objective to share three decades of knowledge in ticketing by giving you more data and options when shopping for the events you love. The new capabilities are in full effect and available for all events including concerts, sports and theater starting today.

TicketCity is the world's largest privately held ticketing company and is a top online destination for sports and concert tickets. Since 1990, TicketCity has built a dynamic network of professional suppliers, a customer centric website and an easy-to-use mobile app. TicketCity is committed to providing fans with the best and most reliable services while offering superior industry knowledge. TicketCity has major media, college and professional team partners and backs every order with a 100% guarantee. To learn more, visit www.TicketCity.com/about-us.


TicketCity's Tri-Color is the first of it's kind. Research shows that ticket shoppers focus on three things: the lowest priced ticket, finding the most valuable ticket or finding the tickets in lowest row of a section. TicketCity highlights those three options so they are readily visible for every section at the event

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