Unifi Software Introduces the Unifi Data Catalog

The Standalone Unifi Data Catalog is Optimized to Work with Tableau and Provides Intuitive, AI-based Data Discovery, Governance and Security to Find and Use Trusted Data

San Mateo, California, UNITED STATES

New Orleans, LA, Oct. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Tableau Conference Booth 1125) — Unifi Software, the leader in providing a seamlessly integrated suite of self-service data tools, today announced the Unifi Data Catalog with intuitive natural language search powered by OneMindTM AI, collaboration capabilities for crowd-sourced data quality, views of trusted data, and comprehensive governance and security. Unifi which has received high praise in the industry for the Unifi Data Platform, its seamlessly integrated data catalog and data preparation product, is disrupting enterprise software pricing models for competing solutions by offering the Unifi Data Catalog for on-premises deployments. Licensing starts with the Unifi Data Catalog Workgroup Edition which provides five users access to the Unifi Data Catalog for just $3,000 per year. Additional Catalog users can be added any time for just $50 per user per month.

“Understanding how customers want to leverage their data and keeping the customer experience at the forefront will drive innovation to a whole new level. Enabling self-service access to data is the way forward for any company that desires to differentiate itself,” said Rob Carlson, Chief Executive Officer, Unifi Software. “A data catalog is the key starting point for any company’s self-service data journey and its always been a major component to our platform. Now as a standalone offering we can deliver those same unprecedented views and knowledge of data for very little capital investment.”

Named a Leader by Forrester in the recent Forrester Wave for Machine Learning Data Catalogs, Q2 2018 report, Unifi brings insights to users where none existed before to gain a holistic and accurate view of a business. An exceptionally innovative enterprise data catalog that helps any business user easily search, discover, catalog and interact with colleagues around data, the Unifi Data Catalog offers:

  • A simple way to catalog the widest range of data sources of any data catalog on the market
  • The ability for users to easily search and discover data no matter where it resides, irrespective of its structure, using Natural Language Search
  • AI-powered discovery of data types out of the box with auto-generated recommendations to view and explore data sets and similar data sets
  • A holistic approach to data governance, security, data quality, and trusted data
  • Seamless integration to catalog Tableau metadata and the ability to crawl multiple Tableau servers to search projects, workbooks, worksheets, and dashboards
  • The ability to deconstruct TWBX files and see the full lineage of a data source to see how data sets were transformed

Users and partners alike are excited about the new standalone data catalog offering.

“We have a lofty goal—to build a global team science consortia to provide a quicker and better public health response to cancer by leveraging the best biomedical informatics, information and communication technology available. The technical challenge we face is how to collect all the raw data from hundreds of cancer research projects around the world and provide an easy to use interface to help oncologists tap into this global wealth of knowledge,” said Anil Srivastava, Founder and President of Open Health Systems Laboratory. “Using Unifi we will provide a searchable source of this aggregated research data to the Oncologist’s bedside Decision Support System, being developed under the guidance of OHSL, to dramatically impact patient care.”

"At Pluralsight we’re creating a unified infrastructure to help everyone inside our company leverage data to measure knowledge in skills and develop course pathways to build expertise. The foundation of our products is data,” said Fernando Rodriguez, Head of Data Engineering at Pluralsight. “An important part of being a data-driven organization is centralizing and sharing documentation that includes provenance and lineage. We have been highly selective in our search for a data catalog that would provide those elements and specific requirements around collaboration, full views of metadata, and full visibility into Tableau - our core visualization tool. Unifi met these requirements and we’re excited to continue on this journey with them as a partner."

“By bringing data catalog together with self-service analytics, more people will be able to turn data from a raw commodity into valuable insights,” said Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer at Tableau. “The integration between the Unifi Data Catalog and the Tableau platform will help customers discover data more easily, crowdsource data quality and enhance governance.”

Finding the data you need to complete analysis is one thing but sometimes you need to prep that data before the insights will emerge, and this is where the Unifi Data Catalog seamlessly becomes the Unifi Data Platform. The Unifi Data Catalog and Unifi Data Platform Version 3.0 deliver new integrations into the Tableau ecosystem including end-to-end visibility across data from raw source all the way through to the last mile visualizations for insight discovery.

Unifi is unique in its ability to provide a seamlessly integrated suite of self-service data tools that are inclusive of data preparation alongside data catalog with workflow automation, community and collaboration, comprehensive governance, and AI at its core. Any user or organization that wants to upgrade to the full data platform can easily do so.

AWS customers can use their AWS credits to license the Workgroup Edition. Unifi Data Catalog users may upgrade to the Unifi Data Platform at any time. Customers can also evaluate the Unifi products for free via the Azure Marketplace or on-premises by contacting Unifi. For more information about Unifi and its product offerings visit www.UnifiSoftware.com.

About Unifi Software
Unifi Software delivers a suite of self-service data tools that help users find and the use the data that is most important to them. The Unifi Data Catalog with Natural Language Queries offers users an intuitive experience to easily discover and collaborate around data. At the heart of the Unifi Data Catalog is the Unifi OneMind AI technology powering every aspect of functionality from recommendations to the discovery of similar datasets to Natural Language Query support that helps users directly get answers to data questions. Integrated governance and security help maintain compliance for self-service access to data. The Unifi Data Platform incorporates the Unifi Data Catalog and seamlessly delivers advanced, OneMind-powered self-service data preparation. The Unifi Data Platform also incorporates workflow automation functions to help users and organizational teams create repeatable reporting and analysis. Both the Unifi Data Catalog and Unifi Data Platform can be deployed on-premises, in private or public cloud environments.

Unifi was founded by data and enterprise infrastructure experts from Greenplum (now part of Dell Technologies), Oracle, Microsoft, and Platfora (now part of Workday). The company is headquartered in San Mateo, CA and operates regional offices across the U.S. and a development center in Bangalore, India.

Company: www.UnifiSoftware.com
Unifi Software on Twitter: @UnifiSoftware
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