Enrollment in Lasso Healthcare MSA Plan Now Available

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, agents can contract to sell, and individuals can enroll in the Lasso Healthcare Medical Savings Account (MSA) in 17 states via LassoHealthcare.com.

Lasso Healthcare greatly expands the availability of a Medicare MSA option in the United States. Before the 2019 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), this type of product was available in only 111 counties in just two states. Now, the launch of Lasso Healthcare’s MSA adds coverage options in all 1,151 counties of the 17 states where it’s available (see state list below).

“The MSA is becoming more and more popular among beneficiaries because of its versatility,” Lasso Healthcare president Jim Handlan said. “We’re proud to offer a plan that gives individuals more options with their Medicare dollars.”

Lasso’s MSA is a $0-premium Medicare Advantage plan with two key parts. The first is a high-deductible health plan for Medicare-eligible individuals. The second is a medical savings account that’s filled with an annual deposit from the health plan. Members can use money from this savings account to pay qualified health care costs before the deductible is met. All unused money rolls over from year to year and is the member’s to keep for future health care needs.

As a non-network plan, beneficiaries have vast provider access flexibility. Available in 17 states, this MSA features generous annual deposits to provide beneficiaries more opportunity to save for future costs as well as the ability to seek proper care in the present.

The plan is offered with a $2,520 annual deposit and one of three deductibles, depending on the county. Visit LassoHealthcare.com for county-level details on specific deductible amounts.

Also on the website, agents, consumers, and providers alike can learn more about how MSAs work, including benefits, contracting, how to enroll, and more.

“We want LassoHealthcare.com to be a one-stop shop for education in what our MSA has to offer every audience,” Handlan said. “From deciding if an MSA is right for a beneficiary to an agent hosting their own Lasso group meeting, this site is offering broad value in a burgeoning market.”

Visitors can start by learning more about the MSA, its requirements, and where to find a plan. By entering their zip code, visitors can determine if the Lasso Healthcare MSA is available in their area, including deductible and deposit amounts. From there, beneficiaries can enroll directly on the website for a January 1, 2019, or later effective date.

“Our goal with this website, and the plan as a whole, is to spread awareness and education that beneficiaries have the ability to take control of their health and health care,” Handlan said.

Insurance agents interested in marketing the Lasso Healthcare MSA must be licensed in a state where the product is available and be appointed and certified. Agents can learn more at LassoHealthcare.com/agents.

Lasso Healthcare, Inc. is a health insurer based in Dallas, Texas. The MSA is available for CY2019 enrollments in the following states: AZ, AR, DE, HI, IL, IN, KS, MD, MS, MT, NC, ND, PA, SD, TX, UT, WY.

Jim Handlan