Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist, Prosthetic Product Manager of Orthomerica, Michael Leach, Appointed as Project Lolo’s Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist Advisor

Minneapolis, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

Non-Profit Organization Taps Veteran CPO as Technical Advisor for Orthotic and Prosthetic Matters

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Michael Leach, Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist and Prosthetic Product Manager at Orthomerica, has been appointed as the Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist (CPO) Advisor of Project Lolo. As the CPO Advisor, Michael will contribute his expertise to advance Project Lolo’s impact, advise its Board of Directors on technical orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) matters and support the development of unique, informative content.

“Joining this cause is an honor and I look forward to collaborating with Project Lolo’s team,” said Michael Leach. “I am purpose-driven to see people achieve their fullest potential, which aligns directly with Project Lolo’s cause and efforts in Promoting Limitless Lives for those in the pediatric community with differing physical abilities”

Project Lolo is a global, non-profit organization headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to helping provide access to orthopedic medical care, orthopedic and assistive mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, crutches and prosthetic limbs to children. Project Lolo was founded in 2017 under the assertion that no child should ever be denied their right to life, healthcare, education or dignity because of their differing orthopedic abilities.

Leslie Pitt Schneider, Founder and President of Project Lolo, said, “Michael’s high regard for quality patient care combined with his extensive O&P experience is extraordinarily impressive. We are delighted to welcome him to our team and recognize the excellent resource he will be for Project Lolo’s mission.”

Michael Leach brings over forty years of professional Prosthetist and Orthotist experience to the organization. Currently a Prosthetic Product Manager for worldwide design, development and fabrication leader of customizable orthotic/prosthetic solutions, Orthomerica, Michael also formerly contributed to the success of other leading O&P and rehabilitative care firms, Ottobock and Hanger, Inc.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington and a Master of Science degree from Indiana University Bloomington. He recognizes the life-changing impact orthopedic medical care and assistive devices make for those with differing abilities and recognizes the significant impact Project Lolo’s efforts will have on the pediatric community. Michael Leach resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with his family.

For more information on Project Lolo, its mission and fundraising efforts, please visit Project Lolo’s website or email contactus@projectlolo.org.

About Project Lolo

Project Lolo is a global, non-profit organization that advocates for children to live limitlessly. It helps children gain equal standing in life, with fundraising efforts to ensure children have access to orthopedic medical care, orthopedic and assistive mobility devices such as wheelchairs, crutches and prostheses. Learn more at projectlolo.org and follow Project Lolo on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Michael Leach, Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist. Image Credit: Claire Dorlac-Leach