SRS Health to Debut New Ophthalmology-Specific Enhancements to Its Core EHR’s Smart Workflows® Platform at the 2018 American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Meeting

Enhancements Streamline and Automate Clinical Workflow and Discrete Data Customization for Improved Patient Care and Compliance

MONTVALE, N.J., Oct. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SRS Health, a leading innovator in intelligent data solutions for high-performing ophthalmologists, will debut ophthalmology-specific enhancements to its patent-pending Smart Workflows platform. The solution enables relevant data capture at the point of care, based on role, specialty, or practice requirements, and provides the additional flexibility to change data points when needed. This methodology—unique in the industry—empowers ophthalmologists to create personalized workflows that help deliver the intelligence needed to improve outcomes. This upcoming release is being revealed first to AAO attendees because of the workflow, quality, and value-based-payment benefits it provides for high-volume ophthalmologists. Previews will be available during the conference, which will take place October 27–30 in Chicago.

Unlike traditional solutions that force specialists to capture excessive and often irrelevant data, Smart Workflows returns the power back into the hands of physicians. Users decide what data is relevant—such as AAO IRIS Registry data, Visual Acuity, and IOP—and they capture it when, where, and how they want to. Additionally, the customizable patient dashboard empowers users to put the data they need most front and center, reducing clicks and supporting MIPS compliance. By adapting the data-capture process to the ophthalmologic workflow, the new SRS release liberates ophthalmologists and their clinical staff from being held hostage to less efficient or templated solutions. The result is not only relevant data capture, but also dramatically increased efficiency rates, improved interoperability to electronically share data, and a clear path to improved patient engagement, satisfaction, and outcomes.

“Medicine continues to put more and more demands on our clients. The new ophthalmology-specific features of Smart Workflows result from a highly collaborative process with our ophthalmology clients, and we look forward to seeing their responses at this year’s conference,” says Khal Rai, CEO of SRS. “Our Smart Workflows technology satisfies the demands of ophthalmologists to capture relevant data and organize a structured workflow while remaining productive and improving patient engagement and outcomes. In a nutshell, SRS provides the best tools for ophthalmologists to:

  • collect the most relevant data quickly,
  • aggregate required data for regulatory compliance through a customized, guided user interface,
  • improve workflow and operational efficiencies, and
  • increase patient engagement and satisfaction through analytics and outcomes intelligence at the point of care.”

“Ophthalmology is a very data-centric specialty, with multiple metrics often generated per patient encounter,” states Dr. Daniel Rich of Eye Care Institute in Santa Rosa, CA. “SRS Smart Workflows with Flexible Data Platform empowers physicians to customize the level of unique discrete data captured, while still allowing freedom of record taking. SRS can also be personalized for staff and providers to allow a flexible workflow, rather than the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach of some EHR vendors.” To make things even easier, SRS offers the ability to default data into a field when appropriate, while retaining the ability to change the data as needed. Because much of the data in ophthalmology stays the same from visit to visit, this eliminates the need to repeatedly enter the same data—instead, it can be pulled forward and changed only when necessary, resulting in significant time savings.

To learn more about the powerful SRS solution suite’s Smart Workflows and what it can mean to your ophthalmology practice, visit SRS at AAO booth #564 or

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