Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Attends Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters Quarterly Delegate Meeting in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Saturday, Oct. 13, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf attended the Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters’ (KMLRCC) quarterly Delegate meeting to meet with various Council representatives, discuss strengthening labor laws and enhance opportunities for growth within the trades. The three-day long delegate meeting gathers KMLRCC delegates and representatives from the Council’s 20 Locals to collaborate, consolidate information and meet with elected officials to strategize on how to strengthen labor regulations and create more job opportunities.

“We are extremely honored to host Governor Wolf at our delegate meeting at the Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters’ headquarters in Pittsburgh,” said KMLRCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer William Waterkotte. “The Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters’ relationship with Governor Wolf is imperative for creating a firewall against the institution of Right to Work in Pennsylvania. We are also working alongside his administration to ward off repeals of prevailing wage and the numerous assaults against Act 72 that weaken labor laws and regulations that help the carpenters Union combat payroll fraud throughout the state.”

The Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters only endorses candidates who hold the same values as we do of protecting and preserving workers’ rights. We only provide endorsements to candidates that support Davis-Bacon protections, encourage the use of Project Labor Agreements, fight 1099 Worker Misclassification and support fair wages and benefits for working people.

Former Pittsburgh Congressman and statewide candidate for Senate Ron Klink and District 38 State Senator Lindsey Williams were also in attendance the day prior. Williams is also the Communications Director of the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, a member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) as well as the daughter of an Operating Engineer.

The Council’s leadership and Governor Wolf have also began discussing the creation of a “Wage Theft Task Force” devoted to enforcing labor and tax laws and exposing criminal labor brokers that exploit workers in the region.

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